Apple iPhone 7 Prices, Review, Features of iPhone 7 Smart Phone Release

Apple’s latest Smart Phone is released on Wednesday, 7 September 2016 (7-9-16). Apple iPhone 7 release will be done at Bill Graham Auditorium, San Francisco. There are great expectations from customers to know about features of iPhone 7 smart phone.

What are new changes that will be in Apple iPhone 7 that makes it distinct from iPhone 6. Lot of new features are said to be involved in I phone 7 model. India is a big market for Apple smart phones, which makes customers from this country wait for reviews. They want to know whether iPhone 7 is worth to buy or not comparing it’s prices, features. Lot of positive responses are made by customers regarding iPhone 7 after it’s release. There are also few complaints that a sound is coming out from it. Genuineness of these responses is not known at present, till Apple company makes a clarification.

iPhone 7 Price in India for latest models sold in India is around Rs.60000 for base model. Apple iPhone 7 wih 256 GB will cost about Rs.80000. Due to high price of Apple iPhone 7 , lot of customers are asking whether it’s worth buying or not. iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus models will be revealed by company which is coming with amazing specifications. Along with this it’s expected that Apple Watch 2 is  released. New Apple watch 2016 is also being another sensation among wearable phones. Iphone 7 is introduced with many dream features of customers.

It will be entirely different from usual smart phones released in Market till now.

Apple i Phone 7 has been trending in Technology news allover India. This new release from Apple has created buzz allover, with customers waiting with great expectations.

Apple iPhone 7 Review

Apple iPhone 7 Review, Specifications

  • Double Camera on rear side. To shoot High quality Zoomed photos using second camera function.
  • There will be No Headphone jack (Wireless headphone connection).
  • Wireless AirPods or Ear pods from Apple (Lightning Port is used).
  • Internal storage space of 32 GB (Inbuilt memory)
  • Processors with high speed, powerful RAM is used.
  • New Stylish colors, designs are used in I phone 7 models.
  • Dual SIM model.
  • 4G connection support
  • Wireless charger.


Apple iPhone 7 Review Price in India Specs, Apple Watch 2 Features

Apple Watch 2

On September 2016, Apple Watch 2nd Generation will also be unveiled. There has been good popularity for Apple watches in India, abroad. Wearable smart phone watches with Micro SIM’s are now latest trend.

Apple Watch wil be in Square shape so more screen space can be utilized. More faster usage can be expected from Apple Wath 2 models. It will ork on data connection, Wi Fi .etc.

Improved battery life was another demand from Apple watch users which is met in this new model. Price of Apple Watch 2 in India will be known soon.

Initial release of Apple iPhone 7, Watch 2 .etc. by company were done in September 2016. Price of Apple Watches in Seoc generation starts with Rs 1,10,900 for base models. Prices for models with more features will be higher. While old Apple Watch 1 series are available in Rs.20000 and above range.