Case against Malayalam Anchor Arundhati in Kiss of Love Hyderabad

Police have filed Case against Malayalam Actress and Anchor Arundhati and friends who participated in Kiss of Love strike organised at Hyderabad. Arundhati Kiss of Love strike was criticized by people of Kerala. Arundhati have kissed in public in protest of the moral policing by jealous people in Kerala and there places in India. Arundhathi is a student of Hyderabad university and she had acted in the malayalam cinema Snehaveedu and has also been anchor in many television channels in Kerala.

The Kiss of Love Protest in Hyderabad was a continuation of protesting against the moral policing and attack done at Down Town hotel in Kozhikode. Kiss of Love against Sadhachara Police or Moral Policing has gained support allover India. Now Kiss of Love (Chumbana Samaram), Kiss in the Streets, Hug of Love (Alingana Samaram) are being held in Kerala and the people are wondering what will be next.

Arundhathi and friends did this method of protest called Chumbana Samaram, to fight against moral policing on women and men (Sadachara police). Now Arundhati had become more bold and came out to make her stand clear, through the Nammal Thammil program in Asianet channel hosted by Ganesh Kumar. See how Arundhati replies to questions about her kissing photos in the Nammal Thammil Kiss of Love Episode. Recently another protest named as Hug of Love protest (Alingana Samaram) was held at Calicut by Law college students. Kiss of Love Protest was held at Hyderabad to protest against the moral policing that was done at a hotel in Kozhikode.

Arundhati kissing photos in hyderabad as part of the chumbana samaram in Kerala created lot of controversies.

Several times Kiss of Love, Kiss in the streets protests were planned to be held at Kochi, Kozhikodea, but they all had failed due to protest from religious parties .etc. Liplock Photos of Arundhati had became very controversial and was discussed in social media and in tv channels.

Kiss of Love held at Hyderabad in the University where Arundhati was studying , had broken all barriers.Recent News – Arundhathi B posted Screenshots of bad messages she received in her Facebook account’s private chat.

Arundhati Kiss of Love

Kissing Photos of Actress Arundhati in Kiss of Love Protest

Arundhathi and friends did this method of Kiss of Love protest called Chumbana Samaram, to fight against moral policing on women and men (Sadachara police).

It was recently held at Hyderabad University in Andhrpradesh by a malayalam actress and anchor Arundhati.

Watch the shocking kissing Lip lock Photos of Actress Arundhati with their friends in Kiss of Love.

Arundhati Kissing Photos chumbana samaram

Actress Arundhati has participated in the Nammal Thammil recently and given hot reply to all those who wanted why she kissed her frien in open place.

Recently a Hug of Love protest was held at Calicut by Law college students.