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Chembra Peak is a Tourist destination for those who are interested in trekking. It is a place for everyone who want to climb up a mountain and view the natural beauty of a Heart shaped pond at huge heights. From my experience going there with family, i will recommend it to all youth including men, women and kids to climb over there. But watch every step and obey the rules of forest guard who accompanies you and you will be safe. Visiting the Chembra Peak Wayanad and trekking to the top is enjoyable.

Make sure you start trekking at the first opening time from morning 7 am , because when the sun goes up it will be immense hot and difficult. But going there at noon time is also ok, but the climate is more enjoyable in mornings. The entry time is from 7 am to 2 pm only. Chembra Peak also known as Chembra Kodumudi  (ചെമ്പ്ര കൊടുമുടി) is one of the trekking adventures you should never miss. Climb it when you are still young, because in old ages it wont be possible for you to reach the top and see this glorious beauty of nature.

Chembra Peak Wayanad is one of the highest peak in Wayanad at a height of 2100 m and climbing to the top of it gives you the feel that you have climbed the Mount Everest. This is a trekking destination for families and anyone who has confidence and health to climb upwards and descent the steep hills. Chembra Peak is located at a distance of 8 km from Meppady and is also nearby to Kalpetta. Special permission and entry fees has to be remitted at the forest office in Meppady below the Chembra Peak to start the journey of trekking. Once you have taken the entry tickets, you can start to the base point ad from there you have to walk through the forest and your journey upwards to Chembra Peak begin.

The peak we see from the bottom is not the one where the Heart shaped pond is located. We have to climb up the first mountain and on reaching the top we can see a path to another mountain through greenery. It is actual Chembra peak where the pond is located.

The trekking time is around 3 hours for upwards and descending.Chembra peak lake or pond is also known as Hridhayathadakam.

Entry Trekking fees to Chembra Peak – Rs.750 for group of 10 people or Rs.75 each. If you have a small crew and no one else is there, then also you will have to pay the Rs.750 charges to get entry. For international tourists the amount is little higher.

Chembra Peak Wayanad Trekking Destination

Google Map of Chembra Peak in Wayanad, Kerala

Photos of Chembra Peak

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Chembra Peak wayanad Photos of Chembra Peak at wayanad

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Trekking to Chembra Peak top

Chembra Peak Wayanad TrekkingPhotos (3)

Route to Chembra Peak Trekking at Wayanad

The heart shaped pond at the top of Chembra peak has lot of fishes in it like Tiger fish and rare ones. It is kept clean and sometimes the Forest guards depend on it for drinking purposes at summer times, when there is no other  water source.

Pakshipathalam Wayanad Trekking Tour Bird Sanctuary

Pakshipathalam is an exciting trekking spot for bird lovers and adventure seeking tourists who are on an expedition to Wayanad. The Pakshipathalam Wayanad tourist spot is located at a distance of 7 kmfrom Thirunelli.

Pakshipathalam is at about 32 km distance from Mananthavady, 66 km distance from Kalpetta. The Pakshipathalam is not only an area o birds, it is also an area of wild animals.

Trekking to Pakshipathalam Wayanad requires special permission from forest Office and is based on entry fees and there is special entry timings and camping at this place is done only with the help of forest guards.

The name Pakshipathalam was derived from the vast number of rare species of birds which come and gather around the forest area here. There is also a cave at Pakshipathalam which many tourists have made their favorite destination.

Pakshipathalam is one of the best trekking spots in Wayanad after the Chembra peak and Banasura Hills. the trekking from Pakshipathalam has connection to the famous Iruppu Falls on the way to Coorg.
Trekking to Pakshipathalam Wayanad

Pakshipathalam is situated at a height of 1740m and is usually visited by bird lovers and this is one of the best places for bird watching in the World. Pakshi Pathalam has a rare species of bird known as Edible Nest Swift light and it’s nest is used for making the famous bird’s nest soup, because this nest is formed y the saliva of the bird and it has nutritional, protein with medicinal uses. But you won’t be able to collect such nests because it is prohibited and such things are among protected species.

Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad Padinjarathara Tourism

Many people come to Wayanad just to see the Banasura Sagar Dam. The huge rush to watch Banasura Sagar Dam is because of the mesmerizing photos you might have seen of the huge Banasuramala behind the water.

The view of the Banasura Sagar in different seasons is different. It is because in sunny days we cannot enjoy the beauty and you will not be able to see the blue water or green mountains. Early mornings are also not suitable because the whole area near the dam will be filled with mist and you cannot see anything around. I have been at this place near Padinjarathara and experienced it myself, because i went to Wayanad because i was mesmerized with the colorful beauty of Banasura Sagar.

I believe that in evening when the sun has left its powerful rays , the dam will be more beautiful and the colorful snap of this Banasura hiulls can be taken only with great camera lenses and not with ordinary cameras.

Banasurasagar dam is holding the record that it is the second largest earth dam in Asia and is the largest earth dam in India.

Tour to Colorful Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad

The nearest place to Banasura Sagar is the Meenmutty falls which is another greatest destination in Wayanad. There is also trekking activity and camping facility to Banasura Sagar Hills in Wayanad with the help of Forest department.

So if you are lucky you will be able to see the spectacular Banasura Sagar dam at Wayanad.

Banasura Sagar Dam is at a distance of about 21 km from Kalpetta and is located at Padinjarathara. The Banasuramala Dam is at a distance of 43km from Sulthan Bathery, 21km from Mananthavady.

Timings of Banasura Sagar Dam

The opening time of Banasura dam is after 9 am and the boating activists will only start from 10 am and will end at 4.30 pm

Google Map of Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad

Photos of Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad

Photos of Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad

Videos of Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad

People Fishing at Banasura Sagar Dam when Shutters Opened

Banasura Sagar Dam at Wayanad is the Largest Earth Dam in India

Karapuzha Dam Wayanad Sightseeing Tour Karapuzha River

Karapuzha Dam Wayanad is one of the regions that is avoided by people because it is less important to Banasura Sagar dam at Padinjarathara in Wayanad. When compared to the biggest earthen dam in India, Banasura the Karappuzha dam is avoided by travelers. Bird watching is another main activity at the places around this dam.

But based on the review by people who went there it is said that there is nothing interesting in the dam to see because everyone of us have seen dams in our places. The scenic beauty around the dam may interest you a little bit.

It is because Karapuzha Dam location is within the greenery of Wayanad on Karapuzha River which flows from the Kabini River.

Karapuzha Dam Wayanad Tour

The tour to Karapuzha Dam in Wayanad may be interesting for those who enjoy nature. But it is recommended only if you have a lot of time with you to see entire Wayanad.

How to Reach Karapuzha Dam

The Karapuzha dam is around 16 km from Kalpetta town in Wayanad district. From Sulthan Bathery to the Karapuzha dam it is around 15 Kilometers, 6 km from Meenangadi, 41 Km from Mananthavady.

Karapuzha Dam is an earth dam and was constructed in the Karapuzha River in 20th century.

Google Map of Karapuzha Dam in Wayanad, Kerala

Photos of Karapuzha Dam

Karapuzha Dam Wayanad

The entry time to Karapuzha dam is from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm.