Dileep Daughter Meenakshi Before After Manju Warrier Divorce

Latest News on Dileep – Manju Warrier Divorce – On Thursday, 29th January 2015, Manju Warrier and Dileep were present at the Family court in Ernakulam, to make it clear that they do not want to live together and want to end their marriage life legally. What happens to Meenakshi Dileep Daughter of this celebrity couple was most discussed by their fans. Court will pass it’s judgement on 31-1-15, sanctioning the legal separation of Dileep – Manju Warrier. Malayalam actress Manju Warrier and Janapriya Nayakan Dileep will get legally separated through divorce on Saturday, 31 January 2015.

Both of them have filed a mutual consent divorce petition on July 2014 and based on this after 6 months, Ernakulam Family Court had taken up the case for hearing. This article is planned as a photo gallery that will shed light on the life of malayalam actor Dileep, his first wife Manju Warrier and daughter Meenakshi. Dileep and Manju Warrier got married in 1998.

After that Manju Warrier stopped acting in movies and Dileep’s movie career shot up and he become on the heroes in mollywood who was titled as “Janapriya Nayakan”. There were many family problems between Dileep, Manju Warrier. Meanwhile Kavya Madhavan got married to Nishal in 2009 and her marriage broke up soon and ended up in divorce in 2011. (In Vanitha magazine released in 2014 Dileep reveled that it is a gossip). Lot of rumors and gossips sprang about Dileep and Kavya Madhavan. Dileep did not like his wife Manju Warier acting in movies. Manju Warrier decided to come back to dance and act in movies and she did an advertisement for Kalyan Jewellery,which worsened their relation.

From 2013 Dileep and Manju Warrier were living separately. After 16 years in 2014, Dileep and Manju Warrier decided to end their relation and got divorced by mutual consent.

Malayalam actress Manju Warrier and Dileep are coming to Family Court on 23 July 2014 for getting divorce.

Earlier there was news that Manju warrier will get property and all from Dileep.

But, now Manju Warrier who is starting a new career in malayalam cinema through the success of “How Old Are You” has decided not to take anything from Dileep. Now their daughter Meenakshy is living with Dileep.

Meenakshi Dileep Daughter

Manju Warrier has informed her advocate that she does not need any claim in the property and wealth of Dileep during their 14 years long marriage life.

News reports are that Dileep has about Rs.80 Crores of Property, Business, Money .etc. and that manju warrier does not need even a single Paise from it.

The Joint Divorce Petition filed by Mollywood celebrity couple – Dileep and Manju Warrier will be heard by Ernakulam Family Court on Tuesday, 27 January 2015. Dileep and Mnaju Warrier had submitted the divorce plea on 24 July 2014. Now 6 months have completed after the counselling and chances for any reunion. Both of them are not interested in continuing married life. So now after 6 months gap, their case will be heard by Court. But there are lesser chances that Dileep or Manju Warrier will come to the hearing.

As per rules, the verdict of divorce case of Dileep, Manju Warrier will be given out soon. And both of them will be granted divorce, because they are not interested in continuing the affair. Daughter Meenakshi will mot probably continue living with her father, Dileep. And Manju Warrier had not mad any claim for posession of her daughter Meenakshi till now.

31-1-2015 – Dileep and Manju Warrier Divorced after 16 years of their married life on Saturday, 31st January 2015. The divorce of Dileep and Manju Warrier was approved by Ernakulam Family court who sanctioned their mutual divorce appeal, because both of them were not ready to live together.

Dileep and Manju Warirer are now free to live their separate lives. Now the main question is whether , there will be any second marriages for Dileep or Manju Warrier and if so who will be it. This is the main discussion of audience of Kerala. Manju Warrier had not given any claim for Meenakshi in Court and they are of the opinion that Manju can see Meenakshi any time she wants. Dileep also said recently that he will be a friend of Manju, because she is the mother of her daughter Meenakshi.

Their daughter Meenakshi is presently staying with Dileep. So there are chances that Dileep will get married soon, so that there will be someone to take care or her as a mother.

Dileep, Manju Warrier Divorce News -31 January 2015

On Thursday, 29 January 2015, at morning 9.15 am both Dileep and Manju Warrier came to Family court in Ernakulam. They made their statement to court that they “We Can’t Live Together, We want to get Separated”.

The Family Court had taken the case of Dileep and Manju Warrier’s divorce plea into hearing , as the six months allowed to them for informing of any change of mind has ended.

Court will give it’s final decision about Dileep – Manju Warrier mutual dvorce petition on Saturday 31 January 2015.

Dileep said that after divorce, Manju Warrier will remain as his friend, because she is his daughter Meenakshi’s mother. The legal separation of malayalam celebrity couple – Dileep and Manju Warrier will be announced soon.

Kavya Madhavan, Dileep Weddding Fixed Fake News

A false news that was released through Twitter was as follows “Kavya Madhavan, Dileep Weddding Fixed on 25-06-14” and it was later informed by Dileep that it was a fake one.

Dileep does not have any account in Twitter and someone had created a fake account in his nme and made this tweet.

Hundreds of re-tweets were made within minutes and the whole internet was discussing about this marriage.

Anyway Dileep has filed a case with Cyber Police to find out who has made this false news.

Just after the divorce with Manju Warrier many rumors are spreading about Dileep and it has hurt him very much.

In malayalam movies the hero- heroine combination of Kavya and Dileep has always been super hit.

From that time itself people who are jealous of this super hit jody was making gossips and rumors.

Below are few photos from malayalam films like Run way and Chritian Brothers in which both of them has acted.