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hotstar solo is an innovative platform for watching all episodes of your favorite tv serials, shows, sports shows.etc. among the most popular ones at present among television mobile apps is this hotstar go solo download has crossed millions because most popular tv shows are available in it. hotstar app is introduced by the star network which owns a long list of channels like channel v, suvarna, national geographic channel, star plus, life ok, asianet, star vijay, maa tv, star world, star jalsha, fox life, star sports, baby tv, hbo originals, hotstar original, star pravah, asianet plus, star utsav.

so after knowing about the advantages of having hotstar app, you are excited to have it in your mobile. there are different versions for android and iOs operating systems. If you are using computer or laptop to watch the hotstar, you can just go to and watch the episodes. but if you are using android phone you will get it only through the google play store platform and for iOs users or iphones they will have to go to apple itunes store to download and install the hotstar app.

for past few years the audience depended on youtube for watching old epsodes after the telecast time. but now only through website and the mobile application hotstar go solo download we can enjoy these tv shows online. with hotstar go solo download everything is free, you don’t have to pay any subscription charges or fees for watching the star network channels. if you watch only tv shows from above mentioned channels, you can cut your cable connection and use the internet data from mobile to watch these tv shows and serials. Watching television shows, serials, reality shows and sports events through internet or mobile has become very popular for people of India staying here or abroad.

So when Hotstar app was made necessary for viewing episodes from Star and Asianet group’s channels, the importance of installing apps of hotstar to the operating systems of various types of phones became the main discussion. with hotstar go solo download all star sports channels, hbo movies, national georgraphic channel programs, tv serials, reality shows can be watched without any missing of episodes at telecast time.

Through website and it’s revolutionary mobile application, it is now possible to watch programs from every channel in Star Network without depending on television sets. HotStar app helps in Live telecast of cricket or other sports and in watching movies in mobile, laptop, computer or tablets.

you have the option to watch it at any time of your choice for free at no extra cost or payments. is it exciting, it sure is for all generations who are familiar to using android and iphones to surf internet. using the hotstar solo mobile app is very easy and it’s of high quality with good clarity.

how to do ‘hotstar go solo download’

Download Hotstar for Laptop, Computer, Mobiles Android, iOS, Tablets

Many people are eager to know how to use this app or watch the tv shows through This is a tutorial video about How to Download the mobile app for Personal Desktop Computers or Laptops.

Hotstar Live mobile app is creating amazing developments in Online watching of tv channel programs and episodes.

To enable live stream or highlights of  tv programs it is necessary to install HotStar Live App. Presently through this mobile app it is possible to watch programs or tv serials, reality shows in languages like hindi, tamil, malayalam, marathi, bengali, english. It also comes in hand in downloading episode videos which was not possible in YouTube. Another benefit of using Hotstar is that it provides high quality stream even in 2G data.

hotstar go solo download the app free tv serials, movies, sports

Hot Star app can be used in Android phones, Apple ios, Computers or Laptops with Windows, Linux, MAC.etc.In desktop computers Hotstar can installed with the help of Android PC emulator known as Bluestacks or with Youwave Android Emaultor or Andy Android Emulator andyroid (MAC) for watching videos in better quality. If not visit and see tv shows directly through the website.

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The Malayalam popular channel Asianet is now available online only through the hoststar app. Telugu channel Star Jalsha, Marathi channel Maa tv, Tamil channel Star Vijay, Hindi channels Life ok, Star Plus are among the most popular Indian television channels.

Can We Watch Asianet / Other Star Channels Youtube Episodes Now ?

Through Youtube the full episodes of Star /Asianet channel episodes cannot be watched. It is now easy to Watch the Episodes of Asianet channel’s programs more easier than in Youtube channel. Asianet channel is owne by Star Network and this company has now started a new website called Hotstar. Through Hot Star all episodes of channels like Asianet, Star Plus, Life OK, Channel V, Star Vijay, Star Jalsha, Star Pravah, Star One, Suvarna, Star World can be seen live or after telecast in desktop computers or through mobile smart phones or tablets.

From February 2015, you cannot watch any episodes of Asianet or other tv channels of Star Network in Youtube. You can see only a 5 minutes of video or promo in You Tube. To see full episode you will have to make use of Hotstar application.

Download Videos of Episodes from

Hotstar is a new venture by Star Network for live streaming or online viewing of all the program’s shown in the tv channels owned by them. Earlier most people used to depend on Youtube for viewing the tv shows and it made it easy for them to watch the episodes of tv serials or reality shows easily. Download Hotstar Videos  using the latest  software’s to watch the episodes easily.
And all channels used to have their own Youtube channels. When Star Network made all the release of their programs online only through Hotstar, it actually was bringing all their tv shows together and had actually attracted lot of audience to other serials or programs in their network.

Thereby their audience data base doubled and they are now using advertisements in and getting revenue like they get from telecasting in tv channels. When the Hotstar app was introduced for the first time, there was lot of confusion to everyone. But soon it became a popular mobile app in India and abroad and is downloaded and installed by millions every month. So now there are doubts regrading how to Download Videos of Episodes of favorite reality shows and tv serials from

Is it really possible to download videos from hotstar or is it just a gimmick. Today there are many softwares and easy to do tips that help you in downloading the vids to your computer, laptop or mobile. From Hotstar application we can watch all tv shows, serials episodes without missing it after telecast.

Hotstar App Blackberry Phones Download, Install Live

Blackberry phones are now becoming commonly used and there are lot of users keen to know how to install the latest Entertainment app Hotstar from star Network.

Hotstar App Blackberry installation is very important because lot of Indian users are using this mobile device and they would like to know more details regarding it.

Through Hotstar it is now possible to watch all television channels from Star Tv, and like similar to SonyLiv from Sony Network.

There has been doubts regarding a separate Blackberry app is needed or not.

You can also try Google Play store to install the Hotstar App for Blackberry devices.

Hotstar App Blackberry – Installation Steps

Download Hotstar apk for Blackberry Devices, Phones –

Hotstar App Issues Not Able to Watch Tv Episodes
Hotstar App Issues are becoming common with popularity of this network to watch popular Indian television channels.

They have introduced a Hotstar App which can work in smart phones and tablets using Android operating system and the .apk file was available for download from Google Play store.

Later they introduced Apple ios app in Apple Store. In many places inside India and abroad people were facing issues of not able to watch their favorite tv shows and serial episodes even after installing the app.

Star Network has made the revolutionary decision to stop showing their episodes or programs through Youtube , which was the most common way for people allover the world to watch television shows in their channels like Asianet, Star Plus, Star Pravah, Star One, Suvarna, Life OK, Channel V, Star Vijay, Star Jalsha, Star World.