Kerala Jisha Case Arrest of Assam Laborer Amirul Islam

On 16-6-16 Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan made an official statement that Jisha case culprit is arrested. Jisha Case latest news is that culprit of Jisha murder was arrested by Police few days back. Amirul Islam of Assam aged 23 years was arrested from Thrissur – Palakkad district border.

Investigation by Police team lead by ADGP Sandhya under Loknath Behera was going on past few days. Sketch of yellow shirt wearing suspect was released by Police. The turning point in case was from the footwear of suspect that was found near the canal of Jisha’s house. There was cement under it which led to confirmation that it was of a construction worker in nearby labor camps. Cross checking was based on scientific evidences, blood, saliva samples matching .etc. Photos of the culprit Amirul Islam involved in Jisha case will be soon given to media. Police officials will conduct a Press meeting to give the details of case investigation, arrest .etc.

Amirul Islam has confessed that he has done the crime. More persons are suspected to be involved with him.  Later it was known that Jisha had friendship with a North Indian who is from Assam. Based on this connection of Jisha with with Assamese laborer, investigation continued in the right path. Amirul Islam was identified by the shop owner who sold him the slippers. He was also identified by studio owner who took photo of Jisha. Ameerul Islam photos revealed by Police when he was taken to court on 30 June 2016. Ameerul Islam has been remanded till 13th July. Footwear which was found near Jisha’s house was the main evidence which was thoroughly examined.

It was Loknath Behera who asked investigation team to proceed with this evidence. On further examination slight blood samples was found in it.

The culprit had put of the footwear near canal, because it was difficult to go through the water with slippers.

As per latest reports Amirul Islam is saying that it was his friend who actually did crime. Investigation is being done from different angles to find out truth.

Jisha Case Latest News

Investigation in Jisha case is still going on. There are news reports saying that Amirul Islam is not actual culprit. There is someone else involved in this case and this youth was framed in case to save some one else.

Recently Amirul Islam said that his friend was also involved in case. At time of election, there was great buzz around investigation. Now political interest in this seems to have ended, with investigation getting completed. There are lot of unanswered questions regarding what happened to Jisha and who did it.

Jisha Case Latest News Assam

Kerala Jisha Case Arrest of Assam Laborer Amirul Islam



Jisha case has been a controversial one which has created lot of protests from people against Government, Police.

Crimes like this done in Kerala by North Indian, Bengali workers shows the immediate need to impose a law to track the persons who come to the State.