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Malayalam Actor Jishnu Raghavan funeral ceremony was held on Friday, 25 March 2016. He was aged 36 years old when he passed fighting cancer at the Amrita hospital in Kochi. Many celebrities from Mollywood came to see him for the last time and everyone was deep in tears because he as an actor who fell down at such a young age. Jishnu was the son of malayalam actor Raghavan. Jishnu has a sister Jyolsana whose son lit up the funeral of Jishnu Raghavan because he did not have children. Jishnu Raghavan wife name is Dhanya Vishnu who is working as an architect and their wedding was a love marriage during their studying at NIT.

Jishnu Raghavan was affected with cancer 2 years back and from then he was undergoing treatment. What type of cancer was for actor Jishnu ? This was one of the main doubts Jishnu’s fans had to know. Jishnu Raghavan was having throat and lung cancer for which he was being treated at AIMS (Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences).

The last movie of Jishnu Raghavan was Rebbecca Uthup Kizhakemala. He acted in around 20 movies and could not act in more films because he fell ill with cancer.  Malayalam actress Mamta Mohandas was also affected by cancer disease, but she recovered and came back due to her succesfull treatment at a hospital in America. The first movie of Jishnu was a child artist in “Kilipatt” released in 1987 which was made by his father Raghavan. Later he became known as an actor with his great performance in the malayalam cinema Nammal in which his co-actor Siddharth Bharathan also made a debut entry into Mollywood.

In this selfie of actor Jishnu taken in 2016, we can see him standing with his parents. His father is a well known actor Raghavan.

While at hospital he kept constant contact with his fans through Facebook. In the last FB post he made he wrote that he was suffering from immense pain and was in ICU.

And he wrote that he was feeling better when he sees the smiling faces of doctors and nurses who treat him with great care and pleasant attitude. If you look closely you can see that Jishnu has a band-aid in his throat, showing his recent throat surgery, becuase he was affected by throat, lung cancer.

The movies like Banking Hours 10 to 4, Rebbecca Uthup Kizhakemala were made while he was undergoing treatment and it shows his dedication.

Fate was against him and he left this world at such an young age leaving his father, mother, sister and wife alone.

In the funeral of Jishnu Raghavan held on 25th March 2016, many actors, actress from Malayalam film industry attended.

Malayalam Actors, Actress at Jishnu Funeral

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Actor Jishnu Raghavan’s wife name is Dhanya Jishnu (Dhanya Rajan).

Jishnu’s sister is Jyolsana who is married and have a son who did the funeral rituals of Jishnu Raghavan.