Karyam Nissaram Fame Anu Joseph Passed in Accident News

There is a news circulating in social media that Karyam Nissaram serial fame actress Anu Joseph passed. The news of Anu Joseph passed in car accident at Aluva while she was going to a shooting location in Thrissur had been believed by lot of people. From 2nd April 2015 morning, such a news is the main discussion in Facebook,Twitter .etc. What is actually the truth – Surprisingly Anu Joseph, herself comes out and talks to media that she is still alive.
Regarding this news, the explanation of Anu Joseph is that it was done by someone as an April Fool joke. There is no other assumption by this serial actress and she does not believe there are any enemies for her. Anu Joseph is still answering hundreds of phone calls from friends and people working with her in television industry, who had been shocked by hearing this news and had contacted her to know the truth. Recently many people in Mollywood and Kerala Television industry were killed by Social media. Among them were Salim Kumar, Boban Samuel, Jishnu and latest one is Anu Joseph.

Anu Joseph is a very good talented actress whose screen presence is very awesome. She has ability to do comedy and serious roles with great perfection. Anu Joseph is mostly seen in small screen and she has better luck with tv serials than in movies. But her small role in the cinema Vellimoonga as Biju Menn’s sister is really great. This slim tall actress has great career in tv serial industry. And news like this regarding her passed will not bring her career down. So Anu Joseph, Please go forward and do great roles like she got through Karyam Nissaram.

Anu Joseph said that she is safe and was not involved in any kind of accident as mentioned in the message. She said that she also received such a message in her mobile and said that it may be a April fool joke and posted the message in her official Facebook profile.

Serial actress Anu Joseph had posted the photos of news that was spreading through social media regarding her passed. Anu Jopseh uploaded the screenshots of fake news that was being circulated in her Facebook account.

Karyam Nissaram serial in which Anu Joseph was acting has ended in Ma 2017. Last episode of Karyam Nissarama serial was telecast in June 2017.

Anu Joseph passed fake news

Profile – Biography of Anu Joseph

Anu Joseph is a malayalam actress who had acted in tv serials like Minnukettu , Makalude Amma, Aalilathaali, Karyam Nissaram, Oridathoridathu, Snehachandrika.

Malayalam Movies of Anu Joseph includes Pazhassi Raja, Kanninum Kannadikum, Aayirathil Oruvan, Lissamayude Veedu, Padham Onnu Oru Vilaapam, Pass Pass.

The role of Anu Joseph in Karyam Nissaram as Sathyabhama the wife of Village officer Mohana Krishnanis really appreciable and the best one of all the characters she had done.