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On Friday, 25th November 2016, Dileep and Kavya Madhavan got married all of a sudden. Wedding function was held as per Hindu tradition and Thalikettu ceremony, reception held at Vedhanta Hotel in Kalavoor, Ernakulam.On 25-11-16 Dileep Kavya Madhavan wedding was held in presence of his daughter Meenakshi, popular actors, actress from Malayalam film industry, close relatives .etc.

There was a rumor that Kavya Madhavan and Dileep are going to get married on 17 April 2015 at Guruvayoor temple in Thrissur, based on the news that came online. Many news reporters, fans and others had reached Guruvayoor and waited for Dileep Kavya Madhavan wedding. There was also reports that after Kavya Madhavan, Dileep wedding reception will be held at Le-Meridien hotel. Later Kavya’s father made it clear that all these were just rumors. 17 15-2-2015 – Based on an interview in malayalam magazine Vanitha, actor Dileep had opened up his mind regarding second marriage plans. He said that there may be chances or not regarding his next marriage. It is up to his daughter Meenakshi to decide whether she needs a new mother or not.

From interview it is known that , Dileep had not completely left up the idea of getting married for second time. 31-1-2015 – Yes Dileep and Manju Warrier have finally got divorced. After 6 months gap, both Dileep and Manju Warrier appeared at Family Court in Ernakulam at 9.15 am on Thursday, 29 January 2015. There was no change in their plans to get separated and they jointly requested the court to proceed with the Mutual divorce petition. Ernakulam Family Court has postponed the verdict of this divorce case to 31st January 2015. The Court will give it’s final decision sanctioning the legal separation of Dileep and Manju Warrier, based on their divorce plea on Saturday 31 January 2015.

Presently Dileep is with the release of his new malayalam movie “Two Countries” which came out as a Christmas release in 2015. Dileep has said before the release of 2 Countries, Why no gossips about me is not coming.” Dileep said that during most of his Malayalam movie releases there will be a gossip or rumor about him. Kavya Madhavan and Dileep rumors are always around Mollywood film industry, even when both of them deny that they have any connections.

So let these remain as rumors forever, unless there is any evidence. Manju Warrier and Dileep divorce was one of the most discussed things in Malayaalm film industry.

The fake news regarding Kavya Madhavan, Dileep was that they were going to get married on 17 April 2015 at the Guruvayoor temple in Kerala. This was just a fake one and these were denied as rumors by both this actor and actress.

Will Dileep have a second marriage in his life or not was the most asked question in Kerala by his fans and this was the same situation to malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan also. Dileep said during an interview that he will not possibly get  married and not thinking about a second marriage at present. He is living for his daughter Meenakshi and also left the choice to her whether she needes a new mother or not.

The divorce of Dileep and Manju Warrier happened on 31-1-2015 and on 3st Jnauary 2016 it will be 1 year past their divorce. Now again the question will come to Dileep whether he has any plans for second wedding or not.

Marriage Photos of Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding

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In past there was a news on 25th June 2014 that Kavya Madhavan and Dileep will get married soon. But later it was found that it was made up by a fake twitter account in the name of Dileep.
There was also allegation that  Kavya Madhavan was the reason for divorc between Dileep and Manju Warrier.

But Kavya Madhavan respondent that she is not at all the reason for their divorce and said that she and Manju Warrier were good friends in film industry.

Is Kavya Madhavan Second Wedding in Future

When 2016 starts Kavya Madhavan will be asked whether there are any new plans for her to ge married again. Actress Kavya Madhavan first marriage was with Nishal Chandra, whom she divorced.

Manju Warrier Second Marriage Gossips
Recently there was a gossip that Manju Warrier is having a relation with an Advertising Director , and a Whatsapp message was being spreading under her name. Manju Warrier filed a case against this false Whatsapp message.
Photo of Kavya Madhavan and Manju Warrier
Both families of Dileep and Kavya Madhava have been very close, and this wipes away all rumors and gossips.

At last Malayalam actor Dileep has filed a divorce petition on Thursday, 5 June 2014, demanding divorce from his wife Manju Warrier.The case was filed by Dileep at the Ernakulam family court.

Court will hear the case on Wednesday, 23 July 2014.

Dileep has requested the court to conduct a secret trial and that the details should not be revealed to public.

Kerala Actor Dileep got married to actress Manju Warrier on 20th October 1998 and they have a daughter Meenakshi in this relation, who is now staying with Dileep.

Dileep has said that the reason for his divorce was due to mental torture from his wife Manju Warrier. The reality regarding these news is not known to anyone.

Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding News – Gossips

The latest news was that on 25 June 2014, Dileep Kavya Madhavan wedding will happen soon. This tweet was made by a fake account created in the name of Dileep in Twitter. Later Dileep said that he did not know anything about the marriage rumors.

These are all fake news about Dileep,who is being attacked by someone. Don’t get shocked reading the title , we are just talking about the most awaited second marriages that are upcoming in malayalam film industry.

You may have come here because these are the gossips that you are always hearing about these film artistes and you also got mistaken. Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan and actor Dileep are always in gossips columns from the time they were a super hit jody in malayalam cinema.

But that does not mean they are going to get married, they are just family friends and had been the super hit combinations for most of their successful malayalam movies. And one thing to remember is that now Manju warrier is also facing the same question, when will be second marriage of Manju Warrier happen.

We should not talk about anything that we don’t know and have no right to interfere in the personal matters of people even if they are celebrities.

Kavya Madhavan Second Wedding

Kerala actress Kavya Madhavan one of the favorite of malayali audience was depressed after she got divorced with Nishal Chandra.

After that Nishal Chandra got married for the second time. This started people asking Kavya Madhavan when she will get married and all were anxious to know about her second marriage.

Dileep Kavya Madhavan Wedding news

Dileep Second Marriage

Malayalam actor Dileep recently got divorced from his first wife Manju Warrier. After this there are people asking when will be his second marriage and everyone is anxious to now who will be the second wife of Dileep.

Dileep Second Marriages

Manju Warrier Second Marriage

With her divorce from Dileep, the malayalam actress Manju Warrier who is coming back with her film “How Old Are you” is also facing the same question. Manju Warrier is also being showered with questions as to when will be her second marriage and who will be the second husband of Manju Warrier.

Manju Warrier Second Marriage

Kavya Madhavan and Manju Warrier

Both families of Dileep and Kavya Madhava have been very close, and this wipes away all rumors and gossips.

Malayalam cinema’s Janapriya Nayakan Dileep and kerala actress Manju Warrier who were married for 15 years is finally breaking up.

On 5-6-2014, actor Dileep filed a divorce case complaining of mentaltorture from his wife Manju Warrier and that he requires an immediate divorce.

Dileep has given a petition at Ernakulam family court and in Thrissur court.

Hearing of the case will be on Court will hear the case on Wednesday, 23-7-2014.

Presently Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi is staying with him and he is taking care of her.

Marriage of Dileep and Manju Warrier was on 20-10-1998.

On 23 July 2014, both Manju and Dileep was asked to come to the court for hearing.

Kavya Madhavan – Not Responsible for Dileep, Manju Warrier Divorce

From the moment news of break up between Dileep and Manju Warrier came out, the name of malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan was heard in all gossip columns. Kavya Madhavan gossips has been continuing for past few years and there seems to be no end to it.

Why was the name of Kavya Madhavan used by all, Is there any reality regarding it.

Dileep and Kavya Madhavan was the most successfull pair in most superhit movies in malayalam cinema.

This does not mean that they are in love.

After the divorce of Dileep and Manju Warrier, the most harassed one by social media was Kavya Madhavan, who was dragged into all such controversies.

Kavya got fed up many times and gave complaints against people who were spreaing false news regarding her and Dileep.

Lot of people also started saying that Dileep – Manju Warier daughter Meenakshi was the most affected one and Kavya was criticised for this also.

Kavya Madhavan gave an interview to a malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi on it’s December 2014 issue.

In this interview Kavya Madhavan  “Am I responsible for everything that happened in the life of Dileep and Manju Warrier”.

She says she does not have any part in the divorce of Dileep, Manju Warrier and says that all these stories were made up by some jealous people.

Kavya Madhavan Asks – Am I Reason for Dileep – Manju Warrier Divorce

In December 2014 issue, Kavya Madhavan has given an interview to a malayalam magazine Grihalakshmi. Kavya Madhavan Dileep issue has been everyone’s discussion. In this issue of magazine, Kavya Madhavan asks, whether she was the reason for divorce of Dileep and Manju Warrier.

Kavya also says that she has no explanations to make about the gossips that are spreading about her.

She also mentions that these gossips have not affected her in any way.

Kavya Madhavan said that she will continue acting in films with Dileep, if she gets any new movie offers with Dileep.

Kavya Madhavan Dileep Issue News

Still there seems to be no clarification regarding what had actually happened in between actor Dileep and his wife Manju Warrier. Both of them are not ready to reveal what had happened between them which led to their break up and divorce.

Vellaripravukalude Changathy was the last Malayalam cinema in which Dileep and Kavya Madhavan had acted together.
Even when Kavya Madhavan Dileep issue is increasing, they are acting together in new malayalam movie “Pinneyum” which is from popular Director Adoor Gopalakrishnan.