Kerala Immoral Traffic Arrest Penvanibham Rackets News

This is a post for Live Kerala News on various incidents happening like arrests of rackets involved in immoral trafficking which is also known as Penvanibham in malayalam. Recently in 2015 lot of rackets have been arrested for doing such activities like Kerala immoral traffic arrest which was indeed very surprising that the number of cases has increased.

Shockingly there has been many incidents like arrest of malayalam tv serial actresses , Kerala models who are involved with such businesses bringing shame to the whole industry. Also there has been arrest of popular models like Reshmi R Nair, Tincy Babu, Sneha Babu, Blessy Silvester, Reshma Rangaswamy.etc. who  were involved in many cases like cocaine.and other cases which rocked the Molywood film industry. Actress and model Reshma Rangaswany who was arrested along with actor Shine Tom Chacko and others has come out.

Another incident was regarding Veni, Usha, Latha malayalam serial extra actress who were arrested. There was also arrest of an online sex racket from Kozhikode in 2015 which was also involved in cheating people after collecting money from them. The arrest of malayalam tv serial actress Greeshma in connection with forcing other women into the penvanvibham trade also happened in 2015. Later she was let out on bail. Another serial actress who was arrested at Alappuzha was Siji. The incident of malayalam actresses getting involved in the Kerala Immoral Traffic Arrest in incidents is getting lot of attention and this is alwaya a breaking news in Kerala. On 12-1-2016, Tuesday, From a Luxury Flat at Kakkanad in Kochi, a racket of 5 people was taken into custody. The arrest was done by Shadow Police and Infopark Police based on secret information. Arrested persons include Zeenath, Binu (Thuravoor), Hareesh (Kalady), Sindhu (Nilambur), Sijatha (Trivandrum).

On 19-10-2016, at Ernakulam Pookkattupady two ladies including a Nepalese woman was arrested. Arrested persons include driver Ananthan and Thripoonithara native Ashokan who took the house on rent. Kochi Shadow Police conducted the raid.

On 4-1-2016, at Adoor in Pathanamthitta at Pathinalam Mile , a 5 Member racket was arrested including Sukumari of Chunakkara who was the organizer. The arrested people in Adoor Penvanibham include Shaji of Thamarakkulam, Ajaykumar of Pathanapuram who were customers and the two women involved were from Adoor.

15-12-2015 – Six members of a racket that was functioning at Kodakara in Thrissur was arrested on 15 December 2015 in connection with immoral-traffic. The arrest was done at a rented house in Manakkulangara in kodakara and the namss of arrested women in the Thrissur Penvanibham case are Sulekha, Janaki, Sheeba.

Kovalam Massage Parlour Raids on 6-6-2016 at Trivandrum – Raids are being conducted at Massage parlors in Thiruvananthapuram after Asianet news team came with up a sting operation video showing masseurs at various resorts. And they showed off the real face of massage parlor that was operating in the tourist hub of Trivandrum.


Trivandrum Online Racket (Serial Actress & 14 People Arrested – 25-5-2016

Based on complaint in Online penvanibham a racket of 10 men and 4 women were taken into custody at Thiruvananthapuram. Among the arrested women there is a popular tamil serial actress and a woman from Srilanka.

Trivandrum Penvanibham Arrest – 28-4-2016

At Thiruvananthapuram near International Airport 18 people were taken into custody. The arrest was made at the hotel situated near Airport on the way to Valiyathura. There are 8 women among the arrested people and the main culprit was Thahira of Pallithura who is known by the names of Kala and Sana.

Kochi sex racket Arrest news photos

Thekkady Immoral Traffic Arrest – 2-2-2016

On 2 February 2016, at Thekkady 7 people including a woman was arrested for indulging in business under the name of Home stay.

Kochi Kakkanad Sex Racket Arrest News

Kerala Immoral Traffic Arrest Penvanibham Rackets News

Bahrain Online Racket Case Investigation

Adoor Racket Arrest

Gulf Racket Recruitment Female Agent from Trivandrum Arrested

Men arrested with them are Aneesh kumar of Palakkad, Sugathan of Thrissur and Shijo. The racket functioned under Sheeba and her husband Baiju who took houses for operating the flesh-trade in various places at Kerala. They used to bring customers to their house through deals made through mobile calls. Aneesh and Shijo used to bring customers and most of the visitors were from Palakkad and Thrissur.

Incidents like this increasing in Kerala which is known as God’s Own Country. In all countries things like this occur and in India it is being discussed as a big issue.