Kerala Pay Revision Teachers LD UD Pay Fixation 2015-16

The present pay revision is applicable from 1 July 2015 and the Pay revision commission had submitted the report in 2015 and it was approved by Kerala Cabinet on 20th January 2016. The Kerala Pay revision report dated 20-1-2016 has come into effect and the arrears of Provident fund will be given out as 4 installments as payments. The Kerala Pay Revision 2015 report recommendations for staff of various categories like High School Teachers, Lower Division Clerks (LDC), Upper Division Clerks (UDC) is the most inquired. This is because highest number of employees in Kerala government is in such sections.

The present Pay Revision 2015 has benefited around Five Lakhs Govt staff and Four Lakhs pensioners. Minimum salary (lowest salary) of Kerala Government employee is Rs 16500 from now onward and the highest salary will be Rs 120000. So what are the important Pay Fixation Software’s that are commonly used by Government staff for analyzing and scrutinizing the Kerala Fixation of Pay and Fitment. Based on the 2015 Pay revision the new salary scales of teachers are updated as follows. Lower Primary (LP), Upper Primary (UP) Teachers will get new revised salary of Rs 25200. The old salary was just Rs 13210. High School Teachers will get new revised salary of Rs 30700. The old salary was just Rs 15380.

High school Teachers will get promotion as HM / Head Master and those who did not get promoted as Headmaster will get a chance to get promoted as Deputy Head Master. Higher Secondary Teacher will get new revised salary of Rs 39500. Old salary was only Rs 20740.

Minimum Pension was made to Rs. 8,500 and the Maximum Pension of a Kerala government employee will be Rs 60,000. Secretariat Assistant new salary is Rs.28000. LD Clerk’s new revised salary will be Rs 19000 , while old salary was only Rs 9940. Part Time Contingent employees revised Salary scale Rs.8500.

So how can we calculate the Pay fixation statement based on the new recommendations by 10th Pay Revision Commission of Kerala in 2015. Based on this the Kerala Government employees will have to make the Pay Fixation Statement. So there are lot of doubts among Kerala govt staff on how to calculate pay fixation and submit Statement of Pay Fixation to concerned authorities of the Department.

Pay Fixation Statement / Statement of Pay fixation Calculation

Lot of new allowances has been added, renewed or abolished in this new Pay revision 2015 and based on all these factors the statement has to be prepared. There are many software’s available which are developed for making the task of making pay fixation statements relatively easier. There are many things to keep in mind while filling the Fixation of Pay Statement Forms and these forms can be downloaded from official Kerala govt websites or in formats in printed form from offices.

Kerala Pay Fixation Software 2015-16 Calculator

On Monday, 13th July 2015 (13-7-15) the 10th Pay Revision report was submitted to Government and the Cabinet approved these recommendations on 20th January 2016 (20-1-16). With the upcoming Kerala Assembly Elections 2016 theis report has greater importance. This report was approved by UDF Government under Kerala Chief Minsiter Oommen Chandy. There are many types of Kerala Pay Fixation Software that is developed by staff and available free of cost.

This article is a deep look into the different types of software’s for pay fixation calculations. The Revised Pay Fixation Software is one of the best ways that a Government staff can make sure that he or she does the calculation of fixation based on revised pay scales.

The Pay Fixation Software’s are available in formats like Excel, Mobile app and online / offline which is readily used as per latest updates in 2015-2016 Kerala pay revision calculations. The software’s that are prepared based on Tenth Kerala Pay Revision Commission Report is very easy to do pay fixation of employees of Kerala government.

What is the minimum salary of employees in Kerala Govt – It is now hiked to Rs.16500.

So what could be the highest or maximum salary approved – It is Rs.1,20,000 per month which is astonishing and great.


There are also means for promotion fixation and statement of fixation. The 10th Kerala pension fixation calculation is another way to make sure that all pensioners of Kerala find it easy to find the pension through this calculator.

Ramachandran Nair headed Pay revision Commission had submitted the Pay scale reversion report in July 2015, which was readily approved in December 2016.

See the different choices of Kerala Pay Fixation Software and are given as follows,

  • Safeeq M.P prepared the Pay Fixation Consultant 2016 software

We have given the details of above two best ones in this industry, only because they are the best. But there are lot of other useful software’s that can be used for pay fixation calculations without any errors.

Teachers Kerala Pay Revision Scales LDC Pay Fixations 2016

There had been reports that Teachers are the most affected in job related matters. In preparing Kerala Pay Revision scales there are lot of complaints always that there are Teachers who work for several months without getting any salary. Also there are Teachers who work on temporaray or contract posts with less salary packages than permanent staff.

So bringing a relief to Teachers, LDC Lower Division Clerks , UDC Upper Division Clerks the 10th Pay revision commission report was passed in July 2015 and it was later implemented in January 2016. Based on the Pay revision order on 20 January 2016 lakhs of Kerala government employees and pensioners will be benefiting. They will also be getting the arrears of salary and pension given out as installments giving them a relief.

High school Teachers will get promoted as Head Master. Those High school teachers who do not get promotion may get promoted as Deputy Head Master during their service.

The revised salary scales of different categories of employees in various departments are also mentioned in this article, that covers important sections.

The Minimum salary of Kerala Government employee is increased to Rs 16500. The highest or maximum salary was increased to Rs 120000.

  • Lower Primary (LP) Teachers Revised salary Rs 25200.
  • Upper Primary (UP) Teachers Revised salary Rs 25200
  • High School Teachers Revised salary Rs 30700
  • Higher Secondary Teacher Revised salary Rs 39500
  • Secretariat Assistant Revised salary Rs.28000
  • LD Clerk Revised salary Rs 19000
  • Minimum Pension Rs. 8500
  • Maximum Pension Rs 60000

Kerala Pay Fixation Software Details

Based on the 10th Pay revision there are lot of revisions in the salary scales of Kerala Government employees. Kerala Pay Fixation software is a great inventory to help employees calculate their pay fixations easily. Minimum salary and maximum salary of government employees of all departments in Kerala has been increased.

The Pay Commission had submitted this report in July 2015 and after studying the various recommendations given in it, Kerala cabinet committee had given approval for it in January 2016. After the Pay revision had come into effect and even before the recommendations were approved there was huge demand for the pay fixation software that would make the task of pay fixation calculations relatively simple.

So in this topic we are going to discuss about the various online and offline software’s that would help in reviewing about the various Pay Fixation software based on 2015-2016 pay revisions by the Tenth Pay Commission. There are lot of reliable excel formula calculators, software’s, mobile apps for finding out the Pay fixation of Kerala govt staff based on the 10th Kerala Pay Revision Commission Report in July 2015.

Minimum salary of employees in Kerala Government is Rs.16500 while the maximum salary is Rs.120000. There has been increase in the allowances, pension scales also. The minimum and highest pension has also been hiked in 2016.

The new pay fixation software that has been developed by few users are based on the latest revisions in salary scales, basic salary, dearness allowance (DA).

The Tenth Pay Revision Commission recommendations was made under the Ramachandran Nair Commission.

The important uses of this software is that it makes simple the processes like Arrear Bill, Pay Fixation, Revision Status, Pay Arrear Process, Master scale finding, Pay Band , Pre-revised Pay scales .etc. which are already programmed or input in it. Based on different salary scales of employees, the data will come out.

Kerala Pay Fixation Software Reviews

Important software’s for Pay Fixation calculations are as follows based on the best ones used by Government employees as trusted inventories to prepare their fixation statements,

Kerala Pay fixation Calculator by Shijoy James Thalakkottur @

Pay Fixation Consultant 2016 software by Safeeq M.P @

Pay fixation calculator 2016 Version 3 by Anubhesh Sudhakaran) @

Pay fixation Consultant Version 1.60 (Developer – Safeeq)

Eldo K Mathew’s Android Mobile App for Kerala Pay Fixation @

What are the important aspects that are involved in the Tenth Pay Fixation in Kerala as on 2016. All the pay revisions had immediate effect from the salaries and pensions the months of July 2014. All salary arrears were agreed to be given out as cash in 4 equal installments within 2 years. This was more acceptable by kerala govt employees, who used to get the arrears merged in Provident fund in earlier Pay revisions.The 10th Pay Revision Commission report was approved through the order G.O.(P) No.7/2016/Fin. Dated 20/01/2016

With the use of Kerala Pay Fixation Software and various online / offline calculator’s Kerala govt staff has found that they were able to calclulate the pay fixation immediately after the revisions came into effect.It was very easy to use and the only things that were to be input into the software was as follows,

  • Name
  • Date of Entry
  •  Basic Pay
  • Total years of service
  • DA Dearness Allowance
  • Fitment
  • Weightage Percentage
  • Weightage amount