KFC India Discount Coupon Codes Latest Offers in KFC Menu

KFC India is always attracting customers to it’s restaurants through it’s offers and free deals in 2016. So what are the latest KFC India Offers and Coupons that are released. We are discussing about some of the exclusive hottest offers and discount deals announced by KFC this year in 2016. KFC India Coupons are in great demand and they are used for online orders in selected locations. But you should not miss out the exciting offers from Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets on special days and special times of the week.

The latest offer from KFC is to get 12 Boneless Chicken strips for just Rs.300 on Wednesday’s. This special deal is available only on Wednesday and not on other days. The offer is available in Dine In , Take Away and online orders till the stocks last on each Wednesday. Happy Hours was another exciting offer from KFC India which is not available now. But do not worry , because KFC is smart at arranging new offers every month for it’s dedicated customers. One popular offer from KFC India is KFC Dips Bucket Saturday, Sunday Free Offer. KFC India is offering 1 Dips Bucket of 6 Hot and Crispy chicken pieces Free when you Buy 1 Dips Bucket.

So you will be having a total of 12 pieces of chicken to celebrate a party along with delicious dips. Menu Prices of Dips Bucket is around Rs.250 (Not sure – Check at outlets). Anyway it is a great deal for you,because you get a dozen chicken for the price of 6 as part of this 50% offer from KFC India. This KFC India Offers is only valid on Saturday, Sunday’s from 12pm to 3 pm as part of KFC Happy Hours offer. Hurry up before it’s 3 pm.

(Presently Happy Hours is Expired). KFC is now offering 15% discount to all customers who use their previous bills to complete the online survey. In all bills of KFC, in the bottom portion after bill amount there will be a website address www.feedkfcback.co.in and a Unique survey ID.

This survey id should be given in the website and after completing this small survey we will get a code, which we should writ in the pace provided in bill. This bill can be handed over to counter within 21 days to get a discount of 15% up to a maximum of Rs.500.

This deal is made by KFC to make you back to their outlets every now and then. If you are a frequent visitor this will be a good offer from KFC for you. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot combine many bills, discount from only one bill is allowed during each purchase. So don’t throw away the bills you get from KFC.

Also know about the new KFC Hours Offers where you can buy 1 get 1 free (50% discount) for special items you buy in KFC Happy hours from afternoon  12 pm to 3 pm.

KFC India Offers and Coupons

KFC Offers are listed below,
  • KFC Wednesday – 12 Boneless Strips Bucket + 4 Free Dips for just Rs.300
  • KFC India is now offering 20 % Discount on it’s online orders. The Coupon Code that you have to use while making online purchase from KFC outlets is becoming hot. This is a hottest deal from KFC in 2015 and is applicable on all 20% Off on KFC on purchases of minumim Rs.300. Use 20% Discount Coupon Codes KFCD20
  • Free 5 Piece Hot Wings Offer – Another exciting offer for online purchases of Rs.400 and above from Kentucky Fried Chicken Outlets in India.Week long Wing-athon offer through which you get Free 5 Piece Hot Wings on orders above Rs.400. Coupon code is KFCD12
  •  Fiery Fridays – Get 50% Discount or Off on Fiery Grilled Bucket. You have to use the coupon code KFCD11


Also know about the KFC Happy Hours in India

50% Offer on KFC, Eat at KFC For Half Price Deals

KFC India Offers on selected items on each days of the week for half a price, when you buy 2 of them.

KFC India’s new deal which is named as KFC Happy Hours is available on all days from noon 12 pm to evening 3 pm.

Having Kentucky Fried Chicken at Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer will make you Licking your fingers the whole week.

  1. On Monday for one “Wrap” you buy you get one Free.
  2. On Tuesday for one “Rice Bowl” you buy you get one Free.
  3. Wednesday for one “Zinger Burger” you buy you get one Free.
  4. Thursday for one “Fiery Grilled Chicken” you buy you get one Free.
  5. Friday for one “Hot Wings” you buy you get one Free.
  6. Saturday for one “Hot and Crispy Bucket” you buy you get one Free.
  7. Sunday for one “Hot and Crispy Bucket” you buy you get one Free.

New KFC Hours Timings / Offer in June , July 2014  Old KFC Hours (Expired offer)

Criticism Against KFC Inida Taxes

The cost of food items at KFC India (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is becoming very costly because of the increase in various taxes. Earlier the price of KFC Chicken Popcorn Large was just Rs.99. (2015 price)

Now the price is increased to Rs.105 and it dos not end with this.

Below is the price i had to pay for KFC Popcorn Large from a retail outlet of KFC in Kerala,

Popcorn Large                      Rs.105.00
Carry Bag Small                    Rs.    1.00
VAT 14.5% on Rs.106          Rs.   15.37
S Tax 4.944% on Rs.106       Rs.     5.24

Total i had to Pay for a Large Popcorn (but in small cup) was Rs.127.  KFC has introduced many new items like Paneer, but the high prices are keeping me away from them.

KFC India Offers on Happy Hours Buy 1 Get 1 Free

KFC India has come up with great offers for it’s Kentucky Fried Chicken lovers.

AttentionLast Date of KFC Happy Hours – Expiring from June 2014 Weekend (29-06-14)

So hurry up , it’s your last chance.

If you really love KFC Chicken you won’t want to miss this offer of 50%, half a price.

KFC is bringing up new and exciting offers every month and is surely great.

All around the week they are offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free Daily on Different Products for a limited period starting from June 2014 from KFC Happy Hours 12pm to 3 pm daily on below food items from KFC outlets.

  • Monday – Wraps
  • Tuesday – Rice Bowl
  • Wednesday – Zinger Burger
  • Thursday – Fiery Grilled Chicken
  • Friday – Hot Wings
  • Saturday and Sunday – Hot and Crispy Bucket