KSEB Pay Revision New Salary Scale 2016 Fixation Software

KSEB Pay Revision order was passed on 17 Feb 2016 and it has effect from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2018. The arrears of salary from 1-8-2013 to 31-12-2015 will be merged with Provident fund of employees. The Vydyuthi Board pay scale revision is done for the first time after KSEB was made a Govt owned company and brought under a Board of Directors and Chairman.The New Salary Scales of KSEB staff, officers .etc for the year has been updated.

The 2016 Pay Fixation Software for KSEB employees is useful for Pay fixation calculation of Kerala State Electricity Board staff. From now on-wards the minimum salary of KSEB Vydyuthi Board staff will be Rs.17000 from earlier minimum basic salary of Rs.8200. Highest salary of Vydyuthi Board staff is Rs.59305 from old scale of Rs.27580. The salary as per revised scales of KSEB Staff will be given out from April 2016. The Fitment Benefits of KSEB staff has been fixed to 12 % and Leave Travel Concession Allowance has been allowed and there is also Uniform Allowance hike to Rs. 3000. There was happy news to the KSEB employees in February 2016 when a Pay revision has been approved for them. With this revision, the need for a KSEB Pay Fixation Software also noted. Unlike the Kerala govt employees pay revision software’s there were only few choices for Vydyuthi Board employees.

Many people are unaware of such latest online and offline calculators for finding out the pay fixation easily. There is separate pay scale revision for Kerala State Electricity Board which is a Government owned company and is not under a direct government office at present. So the salary scales of KSEB staff was not revised at the time of 10th Kerala Pay revision commission and they were not under the recommendations of that Commission.

So to make the calculations of pay fixation after revised scales came into effect Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) pay fixation software is necessary for arriving at the correct figures. On 17 February 201 (17-2-16) the Vydyuthi Board pay revision was approved by the Board Chairman, Directors, members and by the Trade Union leaders representing KSEB staff.

Can we make the pay fixation calculation manually or a software is mandatory. There is actually no need to find out the pay fixation of KSEB employes, but to make sure that there are no errors while calculating, it is always recommended that a pay fixation calculator in the form of a mobile application or excel is necessary.

Based on the new KSEB Pay scale revision there are many disadvantages to KSEB staff. In other Government departments the Salary arrears were not merged in Provident fund and it was directly given as cash payments along with salary. But for KSEB (Vydyuthi Board) employees the salary arrears was credited to Provident fund. This was a huge disappointment for many KSEB staff who had planned to do many things with the salary arrears.

So now again coming to the thoughts of KSEB Pay Fixation, what are the available options of pay fixation software for Kerala State Electricity Board staff. The new salary scale will come into effect from older period , but the renewed salary other than arrears will be paid only from the working period starting from 1 April 2016.

The present Revised Salary Scales by the Pay revision Commission of Kerala Vydyuthi Board is from 1st August 2008 (1-8-2008).

The Minimum Salary of Kerala State Electricity Board employee has been revised and hiked to Rs.17000 which is considered to be a good increase in salary.

Maximum or Highest Salary scale of KSEB employees will be increased to Rs. 59305.

A new software has been developed by Eldo K Mathew for calculating the Pay Fixation of KSEB (Kerala Vydyuthi Board) and this in good demand.


Release Date of KSEB Pay fixation software – 16-2-2016

Download at http://www.1mobile.com/kseb-pay-fixation-2016-3209182.html

New Salary Scales based on KSEB Pay Revision 2016 (2013 – 2018)

There are many useful software’s available that are developed by Govt staff for helping co-staff. Mr. Eldo K Mathew has prepared a mobile app and this is the best Pay Fixation Software 2016 available. It is one of the best methods to calculate pay fixation of Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) staff.

KSEB Pay Fixation Software Download at http://www.1mobile.com/kseb-pay-fixation-2016-3209182.html

Salary scales revision of Kerala Vydyuthi Board has been sanctioned by passing the order on 17-2-16 (17 February 2016). The Kerala State Electricity Board employees have been demanding revised pay scales for past few months. At last the KSEB Pay Revision order dated 17/2/2016 was signed by KSEB Board members and Staff Union  representatives in the presence of

In the presence of Aryadan Muhammed (Kerala Minister for Power, Board of Directors of Vydyuthi Board, KSEB Trade Unions an agreement of pay scale revision was signed on 17 February 2016. The Chairman of KSEB is M Sivasankar.

2016 KSEB Master Scale Comparison – Previous vs New

New Master Scale (2013-2018)

17000-59305 (32 years) Increment – 500, 580, 760, 905, 1115, 1365, 1605, 1745, 2085 (32 years)

Old Master Scale (Till 2013)

4990 – 130/1 – 5120 – 160/2 – 5440- 215/2 – 5870 -280/2 – 6430 – 335/3 – 7435 – 415/2 – 8265 – 510/5- 10815 -600/6 – 14415 – 650/6 -18315

New Revised Pay Scales 2016

  • Overseer, Confidential Assistant, Skilled Technician Grade I, Senior Line Fitter – 23895-51305 (18 years)
  • Senior Assistant, Senior Fair Copy Assistant, Combounder Grade I – 26125-55135 (18 years)
  • Office Attendant I, Lineman II, Sweeper II, Duplicator Operator II, Cleaning Assistant II, Pharmacist – 17500-31585 (15 years)
  • Mazdoor, Office Assistant II, Sweeper III, Cleaning Assistant – 17000-30220 (15 years)
  • Sweeper I, Cleaning Assistant I – 18500-32950 (15 years)
  • Sub Engineer, Mobile Crane Operator II – 28855-57220 (17 years
  • Junior Assistant, Cashier, Meter Reader, Junior Fair Copy Assistant, Driver II, Clerical Attender I, Combounder Grade II – 22085-47815 (18 years)
  • Driver I – 25010-53050 (18 years)
  • Special Grade Driver II, Senior Combounder – 30220-59305 (17 years)
  • Special Grade Driver I – 31585-59305 (16 years)
  • Lineman I, Senior Office Attendant, Clerical Attender II, Skilled Technician Grade II, Duplicator Operator I, Line Fitter – 18500-39370 (18 years)
  • Mobile Crane Operator I – 32950-59305 (15 years)
  • Senior Foreman, Senior Mobile Crane Operator, Vehicle Supervisor – 34555-59305 (14 years)