Kuruvadweep Wayanad Kuruva Island Opening Closing Timings

Everyone visiting Wayanad comes with a dream to see the Kuruvadweep. It is because of the great reviews they  hear about the Kuruva Island located in Wayanad. So what are the best times and months to plan your to this place. To see Kuruvadweep Wayanad you have to be lucky.

It is a small island place in Wayanad which lies in the banks of Kabini River which flows around it. In many times of the year it is closed according to the existing conditions in nature. At times of heavy rainfall it will closed and sometimes there will be rain inside the forest which we may not know and at these times there will be water level rising in kabini river , causing the Kuruvadweep at Wayanad to be closed. So you have to make sure that the Kuruva Island is open when you are visiting it. you can do it by contacting your friends at Wayanad or contacting facebook membersof the popular FB Page Sanchari.

You can also ask any hotels at wayanad to know whether the Kuruvadweep is open at present or not. Kuruvadweep is located inside the forest area and it can be reached only through a bamboo ferry (Changadam). Inside the Kuruva Island there are rare species of birds, trees .etc. and this area is protected by the Forest department because of it’s importance and to prevent the forest life from being disturbed. On hearing name Wayanad , everyone will remember about Pazhassi Raja and his fight with British to win freedom. Wayanad was the area of tribal’s and they worked close to Pazhassi Raja in the war. In remembrance of this great freedom fighter, the Pazhassi Raja Tomb was built.

The importance of the King Pazhassi Raja was known to everyone through the malayalam movie “Pazhassi Raja” in which Mammooty did the title role as Pazhassi.

Pazhassi Kudeeram and museum at Wayanad is one of the important destinations for people who are interested in knowing more about this great leader in Wayanad.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb Wayanad Museum (Pazhassi Kudeeram) is a good historic monument. Pazhassi tomb is memorial resting place of Veera Pazhassi Raja who is known as the Lion of Kerala.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb at Wayanad

You can reach Pazhassi Tomb which is located at the Mananthavady near to Government hospital. There is also a tomb at Mavilanthodu where he was actually placed.

The museum of Pazhassi Raja in Mananthavady is one of the interesting places for historic lovers of Kerala and foreigners.

Pazhassi Raja Tomb museum at Wayanad

Google Map of Pazhassi Tomb in Wayanad, Kerala

Photos of Pazhassi Tomb


Pazhassi Raja Tomb museum

Pazhassi Raja Tomb

Videos of Pazhassi Raja museum at Wayanad

Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja lived in the 17th to 18th century and he was the person who protected Wayanad after Tippu Sultan was defeated.

Timings of Kuruvadweep Kuruva Island

Kuruvadweep is the only reserve forest island situated in Kerala. Only lucky people who went in the right season could visit this island. So it is really important to know the Opening Closing Times of Kuruva Island in Wayanad before you plan a tour to this place.

Which are the Best times to visit Kuruvadweep / Kuruva Island ?

Closing time of Kuruvadweep – From June to October the Kuruwadweep is closed due to the rain falls.

Opening time of Kuruva Island – From November to May  it is open for tourists

Timings are from morning 9 am to evening upto 4 pm (reach before 3 pm to enjoy the area) 9 to evening 5.

How to Reach Kuruva Islands

Kuruvadweep is at a distance of 17 km from Mananthavady, 10 km from Pulpally, 58 km from Sultanbathery, 40 km from Kalpetta.

The Kuruva Island also known locally as Kuruvadweep is one of the most visited places in Wayanad in Kerala.

Videos of Kuruvadweep / Kuruva Island

Details regarding the entry fees, sighting inside the Kuruva dweep can be seen in these videos which give you a clear view of this tourist destination at Wayanad.

Kuruvadweep Wayanad Travel Videos

Documentary Videos about Kuruvadweep Kuruva Island

Wayanad Islands Kuruvadweep Video Clip

Kalpetta Wayanad Tourist Places to See Nearby, Hotels

For everyone going for a Wayanad tour Kalpetta is their boarding point. Why do everyone want to get accommodation at hotels in Wayanad. It is because the tourist spots in Wayanad are scattered everywhere. The Kalpetta Wayanad is a town that is center to all these tourist spots.

It is very easy for the travelers to go to any tourist destination in Wayanad and come back. If they are on a tour for2 or 3 days, on each day they can get up from Kalpetta and go to all tourist spots in Wayanad and return back. Later in the next day they can go to another direction from Kalpetta.

So the center of tourist places in Wayanad makes Kalpetta get an important position in the tourist map of Kerala.

Tourist Spots near Kalpetta Wayanad

Kalpetta is a town in Wayanad district and is around 72 km from Kozhikode town. But all main activities like markets, restaurants, hotels, tea, coffee plantations are located at Kalpetta town.

Lot of tourists spots are easy to travel from Kalpetta and is the most chosen town after places like Sulthan Bathery and Mananthavady.

Distances to important tourist destinations from Kalpetta is updated as follows,

  • Soochipara Falls / Sentinal Rock Waterfalls – 22 km from Kalpetta
  • Kanthanpara waterfalls -22 km from Kalpetta
  • Banasura Sagar Dam – 21 km from Kalpetta
  • Chembra Peak – 14 km from Kalpetta
  • Neelimala View Point – 27 Km from Kalpetta
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – 37 Km from Kalpetta
  • Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary – 55 Km from Kalpetta

Google Map of Kalpetta Wayanad

Photos of Kalpetta Wayanad

Kalpetta photos Wayanad tour

Videos of Kalpetta Wayanad

Reputed Hotels to Stay at Kalpetta

  • Marmalade Springs
  • Peters Hill view Residency
  • Royal Palm Resort
  • Green Gates Hotel
  • Hotel Haritagiri
  • Wayanad Cliff

Chain Tree Wayanad Tour Photos Story Churam Route

Chain Tree has a significant place in the history of Wayanad. It is connected to the discovery of Wayanad and the Chain Tree Wayanad is one of the important thing in the olden story about it.

So what is the Story of Chain Tree and why was it chained. It all happened at the time of British rule, when the were looking for spices and places for tea, coffee plantations. But there was no direct way or route to reach Wayanad. Only tribals knew about the secret path to Wayanad forest.

The story of Chain tree is connected to Karinthandan from Paniyas community living in forest areas. Chain Tree of Wayanad is therefore the entrance path of Wayanad and also tells a sad story of cruelty by British.

The exact location of Chain tree is at Lakkidi in Kunnathidavaka at Wayanad district.

Story of Chain Tree Wayanad

A British officer was told about a secret path to Wayanad which was the Thamarassery Churam by a tribal youth named Karinthandan. On discovering this route, that tribal was kil.led by British to get the credit of that path for them. Bu later many accidents started happening in this area and the soul of the tribal man Karinthandan was causing all this.

Later a Muslim man caught the soul and chained it to a tree and from then that tree was known as Chain tree among the locals. Now all people visiting Wayanad through Thamarassery Churam, pray before this Chain tree. It is also known by the names Changalayitta Maram.

Photos of Changalayitta Maram / Chain Tree Wayanad

Photos of Changalayitta Maram Chain Tree Wayanad

Google Map of Chain tree in Wayanad, Kerala

It is believed that the chain in tree is also growing with the tree and a temple named Changala Muneeswaran Kovil is also situated nearby.

SunRise Valley Wayanad Sightseeing Tourist Spot Details

Wayanad’s beautiful sunrise can be enjoyed from the SunRise Valley which is unknown to many people who are tour to Wayanad. The beauty of Wayanad mornings can be enjoyed to their full only from the Sun Rise Valley Wayanad. There are many resorts, hotel offering stay with food and accommodation in the Sun Rise Valley.

There are lot of places to enjoy and see at the Sunrise Valley and is one of the best sightseeing spot in Wayanad. The path to this valley is located inside the forest and it requires little trekking to see this amazing spot in Wayanad. And go there only with a person or guide who knows places around.

SunRise Valley Wayanad Beauty

People staying in the resorts nearby the Sunrise Valley can fully enjoy the beauty of this location and the sun rise. Because you cannot stay at any other place and reach this valley to watch the sun rise. That is why the resorts around this view point is chosen by many visitors coming to Wayanad.

Watching the sun set from this valley is also mesmerizing.From Sun Rise Valley we can see Meenmuty waterfalls, Attamala falls, Chaliyar. Because of the lack of information regarding Sunrise Valley, many people do not go there. But for those who have visited this valley they are lucky.

Google Map of Sun Rise Valley in Wayanad, Kerala

Photos of Sun Rise Valley, Wayanad

Sun Rise Valley Wayanad beautiful view tour Sun Rise Valley Wayanad photos

Sun Rise Valley, Wayanad Videos

Rare Views of Sun Rise Valley from wayanad

How to reach Sunrise Valley View

The Sunrise Valley View point is at Muppainad village. It is just 7 km from Vaduvanchal. The panoramic scenice beauty of Wayanad forests from the Sunrise Valley is exciting for everyone.

Mananthavady Wayanad Nearby Tourist Destinations

Mananthavady is one of the towns in Wayanad that is chosen by people to have their food and accommodation when they are in Wayanad tour. So what makes Mananthavady Wayanad one of the most liked destinations by travelers to Wayanad.

Places like Sulthan Bathery and Kalpetta are other towns in Wayanad other than Mananthavady.

It is because of the closeness of Mananthavady to many tourist spots it is preferred by all.

The nearest tourist places in Wayanad that are located close to Mananthavady are Kuruvadweep or Kuruva Island, Pakshipathalam, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Chembra Peak .etc.

There are always transportation facilities like buses, autos to and from Sulthan Bathery, Kalpetta.

Google Map of Mananthavady Wayanad

Photos of Mananthavady Wayanad

Mananthavady Wayanad tour

Videos of Mananthavady Wayanad


Wayanad Mananthavady Map

Wayanad Mananthavady Map PHOTO

Pazhassi Raja Tomb at Mananthavady is one of the important places of interest at Wayanad. Other nearby places are Brahmasthana Temple, Mananthavady Park, Kuruvadweep, Chandanathode pine forest.