M80 Moosa Riswan arrest news of Kerala TV serial actor Athul Sreeva

Malayalam serial actor Athul Sreeva got arrested by Police. M80 Moosa Riswan arrest was done in July 2017 in connection with attack on another student. Athul Sreeva is a popular Malayalam serial actor through program M80 Moosa. In M80 Moosa serial he is doing role of character Riswan (Rizwan).

Actress Surabhi Lakshmi acts as Pathu, mother of character Riswan. Actor Vinod Kovoor does role of character Moosa in this serial and acts as Riswan’s father. Athul Sreeva is a native of Perambra and at present he is arrested for attacking a 1st year college student. As per Police reports, there are many complaints, cases against Athul Sreeva for similar incidents of attacks.

Latest news of M80 Moosa Riswan arrest has been shocking for most of his fans. In this Malayalam serial shown in Media One channel, his character won hearts of lot of people.

Real name of M80 Moosa fame Riswan is Athul Sreeva. He is studying at Guruvayoorappan College in Kozhikode district.

5-8-2017 – Latest news about this case is that he claims he is innocent and trapped by his friends. Athul Sreeva Facebook post on 5 August 2017 about his arrest in a case which was made up against him.

Malayalam television serial actor Athul Sreeva was arrested by Kasaba Police on 23 July 2017. Arrest of Athul Sreeva was in connection to a threatening and cheating case. M80 Moosa Riswan fame actor Athul Sreeva has connection to a college based goonda gang named ‘Kurukshethra’.

Athul sreeva and other members of gan used to threaten and take money from other students in college. On Friday, 21 July 2017, Athul Sreeva (Rizwan Moosa) attacked a first year student of Kozhikode Guruvayurappan College.

Attack on this student by Athul Sreeva was for not giving money to his gang ‘Kurukshetra’. Police have started investigation in this case and more people in this gang will be arrested soon.

Arrest of actor Athul Sreeva is unbelievable for many regular viewers of Malayalam Sitcom (situational comedy) serial M80 Moosa shown in MediaOne channel.

Serial M80 Moosa had won many awards due to it’s popularity and way of presentation. Another notable character in this serial is actress Anju Sasi who does role of Rasiya Moosa who acts as sister of Athul (Rizwaan).