Paytm Wallet Cashback Promo Codes Add Money Coupons

Paytm Online payment platform has popular services like Paytm Wallet which is being used by around 10 Million users. This makes Paytm Wallet Cashback Promo Codes also equally popular. At frequent times, during festival seasons.etc. Paytm company comes up with exciting offers through Paytm Wallet Add Money Coupons. Make sure that you have the latest up to date unexpired coupons of 2016, because the coupon codes change many times.

Paytm Wallet has been approved by RBI as a Payment Bank. Presently the Paytm Wallet has a limit of Rs.10000 per month. But, there is also an option to Upgrade Patm Wallet to make transactions of Rs.1,00,000 per month. More than 10 Millions Downloads of Paytm Wallet app has been made allover India. Paytm has changed the way India used to pay money for transactions.

There was no organized way in making online payments, remittances .etc. at India, until Paytm Wallet was introduced by One97 Communications Ltd. There are lot of Paytm Wallet offers along with Discount Promo codes that will have the Paytm users get Cash Back money into their Wallet. Paytm became popular in 2015 and it’s attractive coupon offers and promo codes will continue in 2016 also.  Using the option of Add Money and Send Money it has become very easy in doing cashless transactions for recharge , payment of bills, bus ticket bookings.

Through Paytm Wallet Cashback all users can save a lot of money from their expenses and it unknowingly increases the savings of Paytm wallet users.

Every new user who register at Paytm will get Rs.50 as Cashback on adding Rs. 50 to wallet. Paytm Wallet app can be downloaded and installed in your Android phones from Google Play store and in your iOs phones from Apple store.

Paytm Recharge , Bill Payment Promo

Cash back offer of Rs.100 on mobile recharges or bill payments of Rs.100. Use Promo code GET100

How to Access Paytm Wallet

The Paytm wallet can be accessed and money can be added at

How To Upgrade Paytm Wallet

Using an ordinary Paytm Wallet the users will be eligible to do only Transactions up to Rs.10000 per month. If you want to exceed the limits you will have to upgrade your Paytm Wallet.

This is due to the RBI rule that puts a cap to online transactions and those who wants to do transactions of around Rs.100000 (1 Lakh) per month should submit the KYC Documents (Know Your Customer)

You can use the “Upgrade Your Account”option in Paytm account page or Paytm app.

On giving the basic information, a representative or executive will come to your address and collect the required information and KYC documents.

The Paytm Wallet upgrade will be done after the documents are verified by the Office of Paytm.

Paytm Home Promo Codes on Kitchen Products Essentials

Latest Paytm Wallet Cashback Promo Codes 2016

Paytm Wallet Get Cash Back of Rs.50

Add Rs.1000 to Paytm Wallet Get Rs. 50 Cashback – Promo Code  – ADD1000

Validity till 31 March 2016. Only applicable 1 time per user

Paytm Recharge Coupon Code

Promocode – GRAB200

Paytm Shopping Cashback of Rs.250

All users who are conducting shooping of around Rs.1000 can get Rs.250 as Cashback on using the following Promocode,


(It will expire on 31 March 2016)

This coupon code can be used only 1 time and can be used only for shopping products and not for recharges or bill payments.

Paytm Wallet App Download for Play store, Apple store

Download Paytm Wallet application from Google Playstore for Android users and for other Apple, Blackberry, IPhone users they can use the Apple iStore.

Google Play store download of Paytm Wallet at

Apple store download of Paytm at

Important activities that can be done using the Paytm Wallet are Money Transfer to other Paytm users using Phone Number, Transfer Money to Bank accounts using IFSC codes, Request Money from others.

Another feature of Paytm is that you can save your Debit and Credit cards and so fast transactions like Add Money .etc.

There are lot of discounts while adding money to your Wallet in the form of Cash Back and is available at the Paytm website.

Paytm Wallet Cashback Promocodes

New Users will get Rs. 50 Cashback on adding Rs.50 to Paytm Wallet

4% Cashback on Recharges  using Promo-code – GRAB4

Paytm Home Promo Codes on Kitchen Products Essentials

Kitchen Products can be bought at discounted prices by online shopping through Paytm Home category. Through Paytm all users who have Wallet can get attractive discounted from companies selling Kitchen items.

Home Essentials are sometimes costly and so their shopping through online is comparatively cheaper , considering the cash back for products.

Paytm Home Promo Codes Offers

The latest cash back offers on Paytm Home essentials are updated as follows,

40% cashback – MEGA40

51% cashback – HNK51

Paytm Wallet Cashback Promo Codes Add Money Coupons

Paytm Home products include purchase of Bedsheets, Curtains, Kitchen goods, Glass items and also includes consumer Home products like Television sets of LED, Plasma.etc. Air conditioners, Mixer grinders, Washing machines.

Popular consumer goods companies like Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Whirlpool, Voltas is offering attractive discounts on their products which is offered through Paytm shopping as Cash back.

Paytm RedBus Coupons Bus Ticket Promo Codes Discount

RedBus is one of teh best services in India. Road transportation , travel and tour services to different parts of India through the RedBus services is well known to everyone. Paytm RedBus Coupons helps in getting Discount on Bus Tickets using the Promo Codes from Paytm.

Paytm servics are now the most used Payment bank services in India. Paytm App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Cash back on Bus Ticket booking is really a gift to people who are frequent travelers and for those who prefer going on a budget travel with family. Presently there are lot of Rs. 100 Cashback promo codes from Red Bus service.

Paytm RedBus Coupons Promo Codes

Get Pongal Bus ticket booking discount offers with Flat Rs.130 Cashback on Bus Ticket Bookings.

Promocode – PONGAL130

Get Rs. 100 Cashback on RedBus ticket bookings of Rs.300 through Paytm. Use Promo Code – JANBUS100

Use Paytm app or Paytm Wallet to make the payments fast and book the online tickets of RedBus.

Paytm RedBus Coupons Bus Ticket Promo Codes Discount

Here are Fresh Redbus promo code & offers for January 2016 [ last updated on 06 January 2015]:

20% Discount Paytm Redbus Promo code – RBJAN30

50% , 65%  Discount on Hotel Bookings for Paytm Redbus Users. Promo code –  REDHOT50REDHOT65

Paytm Bus Tickets Promo Codes Bus Cashback Coupons

Getting Discounts in Bus Tickets is one of the best deals for frequent travelers or for those who are going on trips to distant places. Promo codes of Paytm Bus Tickets help in availing Discount in Fares.

Lot of Bus networks like Redbus is now having tie up with and offering cash back to users who book tickets in their buses through Paytm.

Cash Promocodes of Paytm Bus Tickets

Paytm’s offer of cashback for the booking of bus tickets through various promo codes in season times and off season have attracted lot of people to use these services.

Rs. 100 Cashback on Rs.300 value Bus ticket bookings – Promo Code – JANBUS100

50% Cashback on Bus tickets – Promo Code – BUSFIFTY

10% Discount on Bus Fares / Tickets – Promo Code – TRIP10

5% Discount on Bus Fares / Tickets – Promo Code – TRIP5

Rs 140 cashback on Bus Ticket of Rs 800 – Promo Code – FLAT140

Paytm Power Bank Shopping Promo Codes Discount Coupons

Power Bank is necessary for all mobile phone users, because it helps in storing backup power. Paytm Power Bank shopping section helps in buying these products at a discounted price. Power bank has a battery in it which stores power like an Inverter and when the battery of mobile gets drained, it can be plugged to mobile phone to charge battery.

Power banks are now common with the increase in Smart Phone customers all around the World. The battery of Smart phones get drained fastly immediately and if you are at a place away from plug points to charge your phone, then switching it to Power banks help in easily charging.

Most common brands of Power Banks are Ambrane, Sony, MI, Zuke, Vox.

Promo Codes of Paytm Power Bank

Intex Power Bank 10000 mAh

15% cash back on Intex Power Bank 10000 MAH purchase. Promo code – PB15

30% cash back on Power Bank. Promo code – PB3

Ambrane 10400 mAh Power Bank

40% cash back on Power Bank. Promo code – ABAPP40

Targus 8400 mAh Power Bank

9% cash back on Targus Power Bank. Promo code – PAYOOMCRM9

Fabking 10000 mAh Power Bank

20% cash back on Fabking 10000 mAh power bank. Promo code – PB20

Paytm Baby Products Promo Codes Baby Care Discount

Paytm seems to be covering all types of shopping and attracts customers to us their service by providing Cash Backs offers. Now the Baby care products are also getting discounts. Paytm Baby Products will get good cash back offers on shopping using paytm app, wallet or website.

Paytm Baby diapers and many other interesting baby care items are there for shopping in Paytm platform.

BabyCare products are another interesting category where lot of people prefer online shopping to get the diapers, feeding bottles, new born baby dress .etc. at cheap prices.

Paytm Baby Products Discount Codes

An attractive 50% sale of Baby Diapers from popular companies like  Huggies, Himalaya, Pampers have attracted lot of customers.

100% Paytm Cash Back Promo code on Paytm Baby care Items – This Offer was only for few days, but may re-start  later during special seasons.

40% Cashback Promo code on Paytm Baby care Items – DIA40

50% Cashback Promo code on Paytm Baby care Items – DIA50

Baby Care and Maternity Products from Paytm is available for sale at,

Newborn Baby Gift Packs

There are great discount offers through Paytm promocodes for purchasing Baby gift packs. The attractive offer on Himalaya Baby Gift Pack is interesting.

25% Cash Back on Himalaya Baby Gift Pack. Promo Code – SCHL25

20% Cash Back on Full Order. Promo Code – KC20