Mayamma Fame Kerala Actress Rekha Mohan Found Passed in Flat – Profile, Photos

News regarding Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan is being discussed every where. What are reasons for Rekha Mohan passed incident. Actress Rekha Mohan was found from her flat at Shobha City in Thrissur on 12th November 2016. Recently Rekha Mohan was not getting much chances in tv serials and was not seen in film industry too.

Her husband Mohan had went to Malaysia few days back. He was trying to call Rekha Mohan for past few days. She was not picking up phone and he asked security at flat to look into this matter. Security officer contact Police who came to flat and opened it to find Rekha Mohan in a sitting position at dining table chair. There was a glass near her which made everyone think that she may have ended life by drinking something from it. Later on investigation it was found that it was not reason for her end.

Later autopsy was done and it was found that she had a cardiac arrest (heart attack) which was actual reason. Actress Rekha Mohan was undergoing treatment for cancer for few months. She was depressed after knowing about her disease. She was also depressed that she did not have any children. Actress Rekha Mohan passed at age of 45 years old and her body was recovered on 12-11-16. Through popular television serials like Mayamma which was based on malayalam novel Sthreejanmam was a super hit. Mayamma serial was one of the best serial roles that actress rekha Mohan received in her career.

There was lot of mystery regarding how Rekha Mohan passed and was it done by someone else. police investigated this case from different angles.

House of actress Rekha Mohan was locked from inside and there was no sign that someone else entered house. Rekha Mohan’s husband Mohan had left back to Malaysia few days back.

Rekha did not have contact with neighbors. And when they did not see outside for few days , they thought that she might have gone outside for shooting schedules.

Malayalam actress Rekha Mohan acted in Mollywood films like Udhyanapalakan, Oru Yathramozhi, Nee Varuvolam. Malayalam movie Udhyana Palakan as sister of actor Mammootty was one of her best ones.


Rekha Mohan News, Family Photo

More information regarding Rekha Mohan family is not available. Name of Rekha’s husband is Mohan. This couple did not have any children.

Actress Rekha Mohan could not succeed in her movie career. Later Rekha Mohan acted in TV serials like Mayamma (Sthreejanmam novel) through which everyone came to know about her.

Viyyur Police at Thrissur investigated case regarding Rekha Mohan and confirmed based on autopsy reports that it was  heart attack.

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