Sruthi Ramakrishnan Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada Actress Personal Photos Stolen

South Indian actress Sonu Gowda is popular in Kannada movies. Actress Sonu Gowda is from Bangalore, where she is staying with husband Manojkumar Gowda. Recently actress Sonu Gowda photos leaked which became viral in social media. On knowing about it actress Sonu Gowda filed complaint with Police to find who stole her personal photos.

Sonu Gowda is known as Sruthi Ramakrishnan which is her real name. In Mollywood while she acted in Malayalam movies she used name Sruthi Ramakrishnan. News regarding Sonu Gowda photos leaked became controversial after she was accused of having personal relation with son of a Politician who is a MLA. This was a fake news made up by some one who got personal pictures stored in her mobile phone.

Kannada actress Sonu Gowda revealed that photos which are circulating in Internet is actually her selfies. It is said to include lot of her bedroom photos with husband Manoj Kumar Gowda. It’s not known regarding how did photos get leaked from phone of actress Sonu Gowda. This incident became controversial on connecting her name to a politician. Now Sonu Gowda filed a complaint with Cyber Crime to find out person behind it. South actress Shruthi Ramakrishnan did lot of movies like Naaikutty Padam, Enga Kaatula Mazhai, Half Mentalu, Kiragoorina Gayyaligalu, Aalukku Paathi 50-50, Kavalai Vendam .etc. in Kollywood, Sandalwood.

In Mollywood film industry she was popular through role as “Best Actor” film heroine of actor Mammootty. Actress Sruthi Ramakrishnan is considered to be lucky to start her career in Mollywood as heroine of Mammootty. Later she did another film One by Two in which there many hot scenes of her. So when news about Sruthi Ramakrishnan leaked pictures came out, lot of people from Kerala is looking for her snaps.

Usually in South India fake or morphed photos of actress get shared online. In case of Shruthi Ramakrishnan, pictures are real.

Kannada Actress Sonu Gowda Photos Leaked Online

Actress Sonu Gowda’s personal moments stored in her phone got hacked or taken away by someone. These were shared online with caption that she is found to have relation with son of a politician. Thousands of people in Social media have shared actress Sonu Gowda photos leaked online.

To make her situation clear, she explained that person seen in photos with her is her husband Manojkumar. Now Police is after person who stole away pics from Shruthi Ramakrishnan. With this incident all Kerala, Tamil, Kannada actress are in fear that their personal photos kept in phones will get stolen.


Performance of actress Shruthi Ramakrishnan (Sonu Gowda) in Malayalam film Best Actor in role as wife of Mammootty stands out in minds of everyone. Sonu Gowda looked like a homely Kerala woman in this film.

Kannada Actress Sonu Gowda Photo

kannada actress sonu gowda photos leaked

Actress Sonu Gowda Career

Inthi Ninna Preethiya is first Kannada movie of actress Sonu Gowda. In Malayaalm she acted with name of Shruthi Ramakrishnan in movies like Best Actor, One By 2.

After that actress Sonu Gowda is acted in many Tamil films in Kollywood. Her sister is a Kannada Television anchor and serial actress.