Tincy Babu, Sneha Babu, Blessy Silvester, Reshma Rangaswamy Images

Yet another photo gallery of the four South Indian models from Kerala and Bengalur who were arrested with malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko (Ithihasa fame) on 31 January 2015. The arrest happened at the flat at Kadavantra in Kochi. Names and details of Kerala models photos have been updated with all available details about them.

Most discussed news of Kerala in 2015 at present  is the raid of a flat in Kochi and arrest of a young malayalam actor with 4 women from film industry. The arrest was for keeping cocai.n with them and suspecting trade of drugs like this in Kerala. Blessy Silvester is a malayalam actress and she has worked as an Assistant Director and Associate in few malayalam movies. Blessy Silvester Photos in her modelling session has been updated. It is being recently heard that Blessy Silvester was arrested with actor Shine Tom Chacko and several others on charges of possessing drug.with them.

Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko arrived at the flat in Kadavantra in Kochi by 8.30 pm, accepting the invitation of Blessy Silvester, who was popular as an Assistant Director, model and actress. Shine Tom ad come to Kochi for a shooting purpose and his visit to Reshma Rangaswamy’s flat destroyed his life and career. Reshma R had taken the flat on rent from Muhammed Nissam who was arrested for injuring a guard in Thrissur, using car. Other women present with them were Tincy Jacob, who was a model. And the other one was Sneha Babu. They all had planned to meet at the flat to have fun and enjoy the Smokers Party.

Actor Shine had acted in the malaayalm movie Ithihasa as a female , and this film was an important one in his acting career. The models who were drugged, were in an overwhelming mood and asked him to act like a female in front of them.

But Shine Tom was shy to do like this in front of the models and he disobeyed them.

Guess What – LOL, If the raid did not happen, Shine would have been tortured by these models, under the influence of drug. One Man Saved.

Latest news is that Assistant Female Director Blessy Silvester’s Laptop Video has Leaked. Shine Tom asked by Models to Act like Female in Ithihasa.

These are the details about the models who were arrested in this case and are updated for those who want to know more about them.

  • Sneha Babu was the owner of Travels Mart LLC in Dubai and was from Kottayam.
  • Tincy Babu was a model from Karunagapally near Kollam and is an engineering graduate.
  • Reshma Rangaswamy also known as Reshu is from Kozhikode and pursuing her modelling career.
  • Blessy Silvester was from Bangalore and is a model, stylist and an Associate Assistant Director in movies. She worked in the movie Dolphin Bar as Associate Director and also acted in a short film 69.

Among these 4 models Reshma Rangaswamy and Blessy Silvester are said to be the main accused in the Kochi cocaie-case, in which investigation is progressing.

Kochi Drug Case Who Were Arrested, Details, Names

Five people were arrested from the Kadavanthra Flat and below is the list of names of all those who were remanded and in jail. In the case FIR has been prepared and Police have taken custody of them from Court. The Five Convict in the case are as follows.

Blessy Silvester

Blessy is the First convict in the case. It is revealed that Blessy Silvester has conducted many smoke parties for celebrities and VIP’s. Blessy Silvester who is a model , stylist from Bengalur used to arrange parties by online means. Blessy Silvester also worked as Assistant Director (associate) in the malayalam movie Dolphin Bar in which Suresh Gopi, Anoop Menon were the actors.

Reshma Rangaswamy

Reshma is the Second convict in the case . Reshma Rangaswamy is a model from Kannada and she was a carrier of drugs and got the stuff from Goa based person named Frank. Reshma Rangaswamy was close aid of Blessy.

Shine Tom Chacko

Shine is the Third convict in the case. Shine Tom Chacko is a malayalam actor who acted in movies like Ithihasa. He went to the flat to spend with the models and enjoy the party.

Tincy Babu

Tincy is the Fourth convict in the case. Tincy Babu is from Karunagappally and was a model who joined Shine Tom at the flat. She used to take part in music programs and ad film actress.

Sneha Babu

Sneha is the Fifth convict in the case. Sneha Babu is from Kanjirappally in Kottayam and she is also owner in Travel Mart LLC in Dubai.

The Smoke Party conducted at Kadavanthra flat in Kochi was only a Test Dose. This is the latest news about the kochi cocai.ne-case. In this case Blessy silvester, Reshma Rangaswamy, Shine Tom Chacko, Tincy Babu and Sneha Babu were arrested for keeping the drug with them and using it.

As per the recent news, the Original Party was scheduled to be conducted on 31 February 2015 at a Five 5 Star Hotel in Kochi. Blessy and others with Shine Tom had gathered at the flat to do a test dose to know the effect of cocai.ne. before using it at the real party. Blessy and Reshma had 10 gms of drug with 1 gm per packet. But at time of arrest they had only 1 gm packet and the remaining 9 packets were taken out or collected by someone else for the next day’s party.

It is strongly believed that in the Big Party at Hotel, many VVIP’s including businessmen, politicians and celebrities or people from film industry were to participate. Blessy and Reshma had not revealed their names, but said that even if Police get these people in custody, they will not be able to do anything because of their money and political power.

Tincy Babu and Reshma Rangaswamy are now the most wanted models in South India. They are not so popular in their modelling career. Reshma Rangaswamy photos are now popular among her fans through social media like Facebook where she post her latest gorgeous photos.
But their recent controversial involvement in the Kochi drug trafficking case has made them very famous. These are photos of models Tincy Babu from Karunagapally and Reshma Rangaswamy from Kozhikode.

Reshma Rangaswamy Photos

Reshu Rangaswamy photo kochi model cocain case fameReshma Rangaswamy photos

Both of them have been released in bail after no evidence was found against them in the Kochi cocai.n case for which they were arrested.

There seems to be no continuing investigation on these cases and they are busy modelling with schedules. Reshma Rangaswamy photos are looking sensual and gorgeous in modern outfits. Blessy Silvester arrested from a flat with actor Shine Tom in a case. In the recent malayalam cinema Dolphin Bar from Bengalur, Blessy Silvester worked as Associate Director. Blessy Sylvester is aged 22 years and she was arrested at a midnight raid conducted at a flat at Kadavanthra in Kochi.

Blessy Silvester and three other women were taken into custody with malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko. Photos of face covered Blessy Silvester has been updated. more photos of Blessy Silvester will be soon published. Presently Blessy Silvester and others are remanded in jail by the Magistrate.

Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko and Models were arrested while they were enjoying, Smokers Party at a flat in Kochi. All of them were unders drugs-when they were arrested by Police. aid of the flatws conducted on basis of a secret information received by Police past few days before. Police was keeping close watch on the activities of Shine Tom and they raided the flat and took all of them under custody redhanded.

They all had went to a Casino-party in Goa, last year and based on this they had arranged the party. Later on questioning it was found that the cocai.n was brought to the flat by models Reshma, Tincy , Sneha Babu (owner of Tavel Mart Dubai) and Blessy (female associate director from Bangalore). It was purchased by them from Goa and all arrangements for conducting smker’s party was made online.

The flat is owned by Muhammed Nisham, who is said to have all sorts of illicit businesses and has properties, luxury cars.etc. worth crores. Police is conducting investigation regarding it also. At present Muhammed Nisham is Police station for trying to kill the security guard Chandrabose, who was hit by Hummer car for delay in opening gates.

Tincy Babu Kollam Model

It’s not Tincy Jacob, It’s Tincy Babu and she is a Kerala based model , whose native place is Kollam. Tincy Babu is aged 25 and she was arrested with Shine Tom Chacko from a flat with other models. The arrest of Tincy Babu was made for keeping and using drugs-like-cocai.ne. And the arrest happened during a smookers party arranged for Shine Tom.

Photos of Tincy Babu getting arrested and taken in custody is update din this article. Face of Babu is not visible , because all of them have covered their faces with shawls. More photos of the Kollam Model Tincy Jacob has been updated.

Who were the celebrities who were arrested on Fri, 30 January 2015 from the Kadavanthra flat, with malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko. Five people were arrested inluding a male and 4 females. Shine Tom is the popular malayalam actor aged 31 years, who did the role in Ithihasa movie was arrested.
 Shine Tom Chacko was arrested last Friday (30-1-15) from Kochi. Up on investigation Police have confirmed that another young malayalam actor and a director is also included in this drug dealing case. More arrests may happen and these people are under observation. So who is the Director and Kerala actor who are involved in the case other than Shine Tom Chacko.

News Reports are there that the case investigation is moving to an American Malayali who is settled in California. Blessy Silvester and Reshma Rangaswamy are the main culprits of the drug case and they had arranged the party and invited Shine Tom chacko to it. Reshma Rangaswamy had took the flat on rent from Muhammed Nissam and is suspected to be using it for illegal purposes.

All arrested people in the Kochi Cocai.ne case including Shine Tom Chacko, Reshma Rangaswamy, Blessy Silvester, Sneha Babu, Tincy Babu have got bail from court. In this photo we can see Reshma Rangaswamy, Blessy Silvester, Sneha Babu, Tincy who got the conditional bail are coming out of jail with their faces covered. For the past several weeks the investigation in the kochi drug arrest case was being going on. There has been no great developments in this case and he model who were arrested including actor Shine Tom are being released in bail.

Reshma Rangaswamy Kochi Model
 Reshma Rangaswamy arrested with malayalam actor Shine Tom and 3 other females from a flat. Reshma Rangaswamy is aged 26 and is a native of Kochi. Reshma is popular as a model and stylist in Kerala.

R.Reshma has connections in Goa and she is Convict No.1 in the case for posession of .illicit.drugs.with her. The cocai.n was found from the pocket of Reshma and this was why she was made the No.1 culprit in this case and remanded in jail with others.

Photos of Reshma R being arrested and taken is updated. More face photos of this model-stylist will be updated soon.

Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko is having the bitter experiences of his life now. He was getting popular as a talented actor from Kerala in malayalam movies. This was when he got into the drug case and was arrested with four women during a party at Mohammed Nisam’s flt in Kochi.
Model Reshma Rangaswamy Latest Photos

Reshma Rangaswamy alias Reshu has been arrested in the Kochi Cocaine case and due to lack of evidence, all of them were released on bail including Shine Tom, Blessy Silvester, Tincy Babu, Sneha. After the arrest and getting released where are these models now and what are their new modelling or movie projects. This is the most common question asked and so we decided to look deeper to know more. As you all know malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko is busy completing his cinema Vishwasam Athalle Ellam,  while others are back to their careers too. The Kerala Model Reshu (Reshma Rangaswamy) has now started becoming active in Facebook and posted some of her recent photos.

So we can watch the latest photos of model Reshma Rangaswamy, while we will update the recent photos of other models and actresses who were arrested in Kochi Cocain.e case, including Blessy Silvester who has a large number of fans at present after she became popular with arrest.

R Reshu Rangaswamy is a model whose native place is Kozhikode (Calicut). Reshma Rangaswamy is settled at Kochi and doing modelling. Complete Reshu Rangaswamy profile details are updated in this article.
The real name of Reshma Rangaswamy is Reshu Rangaswamy.

This is the answer to those who keep asking – Who is Reshma and why is she so popular in social media and thousands looking for her Facebook profile and her modelling images.Reshu Rangaswami was arrested from her rented flat in Kadavantra, Kochi on charges of keeping drug cocai.ne with her and conducting a smoker’s party with 3 other models and a malayalam film actor Shine Tom Chacko.

Reshu Rangaswami is aged 26 and from Kozhikode.

Reshma Rangaswamy Modelling Photos

Reshu Rangaswamy arrested with shine tom chackoReshu Rangaswamy kochi model cocaine drug caseReshu Rangaswamy Profile
Reshu Rangaswamy Profile Details

This dashing Kerala model Reshu Rangaswamy has lot of scoial media connetions and is popular among fans all around India and abroad. Let us have a look at which all places she instantly updates he latest selfies, modelling, party photos .etc.

Pix Pix Profile of Reshu Rangaswamy – https://pixpix.co/reshurangaswamy/x5yqxbu13A/

Instagram Profile of Reshu Rangaswamy – https://www.instagram.com/reshurangaswamy/

Facebook Profile of Reshu Rangaswamy – https://www.facebook.com/reshu.rangaswamy

Google Plus Profile of Reshu Rangaswamy – https://plus.google.com/104563048029494321890h malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko from a flat in Kadavanthra in Kochi with 3 other women. The arrest was made based on keeping the cocai.ne with them.

All of them were arrested from the flat of Mohammed Nissam of Kings Group, who was recently taken into custody for hitting car on security guard. Along with Sneha, two models named Reshma, Tincy and a female Assistant (Assosciate Director) Blessy was also taken into custody.

 Models and film actresses are being used a carriers of drugs and this trend is getting stronger in South India. Police is conducting investigation of the CCTV visuals to find out , who all visited the flat recently, days before the raid.
There were 3 models who were taken into custody and their full details, photos is given below.

R.Reshma aged 26 is a native of Kochi and is a model.

Tincy Jacob aged 25 is from Kollam and is a model from a reputed family in Kerala.

The other two women arrested, included a female assistant director from Bengalur, whose name is Blessy Silvester and she is aged 22 years.

The fourth one is Sneha Babu who is a native of Kottayam and is aged 25. Sneha Babu is the Managing Director and owner of Travels Mart in Dubai.

Actor Shine Tom Arrested and Taken into Custody Watch news Video

Shine Tom Chacko and 3 models and a woman associate director were taken to Police Station in Kochi

Who is Shine Tom Chacko ? – Shine Tom Chacko was one of the actors in malayalam movie Ithihasa. Shine started his career in malayalam movie through his role in the movie Khaddama (Gaddama).
Later he acted in small roles in movies like Chapters, Ee Adutha Kalathu, Annayum Rasoolum, 5 Sundarikal , Kaanchi , Arikil Oraal , Pakida , Konthayum Poonoolum , Hangover , Masala Republic and recently in Bibleo.