Whatsapp for PC app Windows Mac Whatsapp Desktop app Review

The exciting technology news in May 2016 was for Whatsapp users who will be excited to know about the launch of a software called Whatsapp desktop app. Whatsapp for PC download was the most wanted feature by users of this messaging platform application. Whatsapp desktop version app which was launched recently acts as a way to sync your phone to computer and there by using PC as a medium to send messages.

Main use of Whatsapp for Personal computer is that Pdf files, documents, videos, photos .etc. can be send from the PC to other phone numbers or groups. From official point of view this will be a great way of communicating with others and has the idea to take over email management too. With the arrival of Whatsapp the SMS (Short Message Services) from mobile service providers was the most affected. Till Whatsapp came the main business share for mobile service providers was revenue they got from SMS messages send by customers. But after people started using Whatsapp , the users did not send any SMS, but used chat and Whatsapp calls in it.

The use of Whatsapp calls is a way of making phone calls using data connection and this brought a decrease in phone calls made by customers. Should you download any Application for using Web WhatsApp in your Desktop, Laptop or Computer nothing is needed , because Whatsapp had launched a platform to serve it’s customers who are accessing whatsapp frrom PC. The only thing you have to make sure is that you have Whatsapp installed in your android or smart phone. There had been difficult procedures of using Bluestack or other software to access Whatsapp without a phone.

The revolutionary move of Whats App to come up with “WhatsApp Web” has been welcomed by all and this article is for those who are not familiar with it. WhatsApp is one of the cross messaging apps from the contacts list in the Phone. It has become so popular that many people are addicted to WhatsApp Messenger like Facebook.

WhatsApp Messenger Download for Smart phones is available for Android, iTunes users from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes. WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways for communication. It has it’s own advantages, disadvantages. It has influenced the way of communication in countries like USA, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, Australia, New Zealand and many others. The influence that Whats App has brought has also put many restrictions to the use of this app.

Whatsapp is now available for Free with Lifetime No expiration from Jan 2016.

Features of WhatsApp Messenger App

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best messaging app available for Android, Apple smartphones and it works by using the internet connection and works best with 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE and even with Wi-Fi connections, which make it one of the most used platforms in the world for communicating.

Main features of Whatsapp are as follows,

  • Ability to send and receive text – voice messages, photos, videos without incurring SMS charges from Network provider. The only charges will be Data charges.
  • Easily Make Phone Calls through Whatsapp calls without any extra charges.
  • WhatsApp Calling – Possible to call friends in your contacts list anywhere in the world
  • WhatsApp Group Chat – Create Groups or Join Groups in Whatsapp to talk with people of your similar interests
  • Whatsapp Web – It is a special feature from Whats App that helps you receive and send the WhatsApp messages right from your PC, Laptop.etc.

Web WhatsApp Login how to

Is Whatsapp Free Or any Hidden Charges or Fees

WhatsApp Messenger app is Free to Download and Install. The services of Whatsapp is Free for First year of service (1 year free) . After that there will be recurring fees every year. It’s only $0.99 USD/year which will be about Rs.55. This amount is very small considering the features that Whatsapp is offering to it’s users.

How to Remove Whatsapp Call Log, Whatsapp Chat History

If you wish to have privacy and want to erase all your Whatsapp data so no one else sees it, you can follow below instructions. Whatsapp is now one of the means to communicate safe with partners and so there should be some precautions followed so that your private messages are not read by someone who gets hold of your mobile phone.

To Clear Whatsapp Calls history – Go to Whatsapp Calls > Menu > Clear call log

To Clear Whatsapp Chat messages – Go to Whatsapp Chats > Menu > Clear call log

To remove all Chat Messages in Your Whatsapp – Go to Whatsapp Chats > Menu (left touch button) > Settings > Chats and Calls > Clear all chats

How to Access Your Whatsapp Account in Computer, PC, Laptop through Whatsapp Web

First of all you should have created a Whatsapp account through your Smart phone or mobile

Go to Whatsapp Chats > Menu > WhatsApp Web >

Visit the site web.whatsapp.com on your Computer and scan the QR Code given in screen of your computer using your phone camera, so that the QR Code comes just behind the big square box shown in your mobile screen.

Now Press “Ok Got It” button in your phone and the scanning of the image will happen.

Now the computer screen will access your Whatsapp account and you can stay logged in as long as you do not Log Out or Clean your Cookies. If you Log out , you will have to do the above process once more to access your Whatsapp web.

Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Groups help you to form new groups or join groups to team up with people of similar likes and share messages, videos.etc. This is very similar to the Chat rooms in Yahoo, Rediff. The main difference is that Whatsapp Group is only for people who know your mobile number and in your Contacts list in phone.

Whatsapp Chats > Menu > New Group

Whatsapp Broadcast

Whatsapp Broadcast is a way of sending group messages and you can decide which people will see the message. This is done through the Broadcast list in your Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Chats > Menu > New Broadcast

Whatsapp Status

You can easily show off your emotions your thoughts by publicly displaying by changing the status. Whatsapp Status can be seen by everyone who has saved your mobile number in their phone book.

Whatsapp Contacts > Menu  > Status

How to Change Whatsapp Profile Photo

Changing Whatsapp profile photo every now and then is the latest trend.

Whatsapp Chats > Menu > Settings > Profile > Touch the Edit button to the Right side bottom of your Profile image or Avatar.

You can select any new photo from your Gallery, Crop it and save it. Wait till a message is shown that your profile photo has been updated and now you can see your new profile image.

How to Change Whatsapp Settings

Go to Whatsapp Chats > Menu (left touch button) > Settings

Here you can easily make any changes to Profile, Account, Chats and Calls, Notifications Sounds, Contacts, Help.etc.

In Account > you can access options like Privacy, Payment info, Change number, Delete my Whatsapp Account, Network usage.

In Chats and Calls > there are options like Media auto download, Enter is send, Font size, Wallpapers, Backup chats, Email chat, archive all chats, Clear all chats.

In Notifications there are more options like > Conversation tones > Notification tone > Vibrate > Popup notification > Light > Group notifications > Call notifications

Whatsapp of New Contacts

If you have recently added a Phone number of friend in your Phone book, there will be few minutes before his details are shown in your Whatsapp contacts list.

You can try going to Whatsapp Contacts > Menu (left touch button) > Refresh

Now use search button to find the name.

There are different ways to Download WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play Store and iTunes Apple Store.

Download Whatsapp Messenger from Google Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp

WhatsApp Messenger from iTunes Apple Store

Download Whatsapp Messenger from iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/whatsapp-messenger/id310633997

Other useful software’s that are popular in connection to Whatsapp are WhatsApp Messenger for Windows PC, WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Pocket for Mac, WhatsApp Extractor for iPhone. More details regarding the download of these apps and it’s features will be updated later.

Official Website


Whatsapp Support Email Address


Whatsapp for PC Download

Now Whatsapp has decided to bring a bang on the head of email companies too. With the use of Whatsapp for PC download the users can use their computers which do not have a net connection to send messages instead of emails, by using the send and attach files option in Whtsapp desktop app.

WhatsApp desktop app download is possible officially from https://www.whatsapp.com/download

WhatsApp desktop application for PC can be used in all Mac computers with Operating system of X 10.9, higher and all Windows computers with Operating system of 8, higher.

Web WhatsApp Login Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia

Web WhatsApp is becoming very common allover the world. With the popularity of Whatsapp many people have been looking for methods to access their Whatsapp account through their desktop computers or laptops. Web WhatsApp Login is the most advanced form of connecting your smart phone to your computer.

In my case i use this feature to access my Whats App account in computer to send photos and videos stored in my PC to friends. I am also able to transfer files from Whatsapp account to my computer and also able to delete messages more conveniently.

Another thing i find better for me is that i can access my Whatsapp in a big , wider screen like my computer , rather than a small smart phone. With Web Whatsapp i am always connected to friends and prevents the fuss of looking at my phone every now and then for reading new messages.

Whatsapp is now available for Free Lifetime with no renewals or subscription fees from January 2016.

Web WhatsApp More Useful for Office Staff / Employees

This will be a very useful technology advancement that can help you cheat your employers, by making them think that you are working. In many offices the use of mobile phones during working hours is prohibited. But if you have web whatsapp, you don’t need to look at your phone to receive or send messages. How easy things are and only thing you require is that there is an internet connection in your computer.

How to Make Web WhatsApp Login

We are going to give a brief tutorial on the steps to be followed for accessing Web WhatsApp from different devices like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia.etc.

Step 1 – Go to https://web.whatsapp.com

Step 2 – Open Whatsapp in Your phone as mentioned below, based on the type of phone you have.

  • Web WhatsApp for Android Phones

Open Whatsapp – Go to Menu option – Now Touch Whatsapp Web option

  • Web WhatsApp for iPhones

Open Whatsapp – Go to Settings option – Now Touch Whatsapp Web option

  • Web WhatsApp for Windows Phones

Open Whatsapp – Go to Menu option – Now Touch Whatsapp Web

  • Web WhatsApp for Blackberry Phones

Open Whatsapp – Go to Chats option – Go To Chats – Now Touch WhatsApp Web

  • Web WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 Phones

Open Whatsapp – Swipe down from top to bottom of screen – Go To WhatsApp Web

  • Web WhatsApp for Nokia S60 Phones

Open Whatsapp – Go to Menu option – Go To WhatsApp Web

  • Web WhatsApp for Nokia S40 Phones

Open Whatsapp – Swipe down from bottom of screen – Go To WhatsApp Web

Step 3 – Scan QR Code you see in the Web Whatsapp page in your PC or laptop with your phone camera. Make sure that the QR code comes inside the square box you seen in your phone screen.

When the scanning is completed, your Whatsapp account chats, calls, contacts.etc. will be shown in the Web Whatsapp page.

Whatsapp Applications

If you still don’t have the Whatsapp application in your smart phone, you can download the Android or iTunes Whatsapp for your phone

Uses of Web WhatsApp

Web WhatsApp does not allow you to create a Whatsapp account without a phone number. So what does it do. Web WhatsApp login helps in accessing your account through your PC.


So the main use of connecting and doing Web WhatsApp Login is to send pictures, videos or files from your computer or laptop to others. Similarly you can access all the data stored in your Whatsapp account including images, videos, messages through the online web whatsapp feature.

Only things you have to make sure is that you have a Data connection, Phone has Battery charge, Your phone is with you to do scanning.


You should have your phone with you always to do QR Code scan from your Whatsapp account.

Not Able to Access Web Whatsapp account after an earlier Login?

Sometimes there are problems that after one login, and when you try to access the page after you have closed the browser, you want be able to login and the Web whatsapp page is displaying a QR Code.

You can solve this by opening Whatsapp in your phone and go to the Web Whatsapp option in it.

You can see that your account is presently logged into a computer or device browser. You have to Logout of it. Now try again the Web Whatsapp option from your mobile and you have to scan the QR code to perform the login.

Whatsapp Life Time Free Renewal New Expiration Time

Earlier there was a Whatsapp expiry date and the renewals was based on subscription charges. But recently a message Over The Air was given to all customers that Whatsapp Life Time Free has been initiated and there is no need to do any subscription for renewal.

At first the users of Whatsapp were given the service Free for First year and after that there was a Fees for renewal for next year. More and More messaging platforms started coming and this made many people avoid renewal of Whatsapp and go to these services which are offered for Free.

So that explains the question, Why did Whatsapp Lifetime Free initiated as the New Expiration Time for users. All users are receiving a message “New Expiration Time is Life Time”

There has been a 1$ Subscription fees byWhatsapp till now, but it was completely taken off from January 2016 and Whatsapp is Free.

Whatsapp is a messaging platform that has more than 900 Million users worldwide and it does not want to go out of business by charging fees from users, becase theer are lot of competitors who could take up the market created by Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is under Facebook ownership from 2014 and they decided to make Whatsapp Free for Lifetime. They have some other revenue making options and businesses which they will integrate to Whatsapp to continue the service free or cost. Possibilities are online money transfer, banking, business messaging .etc.

Whatsapp is ad-free and this messaging platform is very useful to all people who want to communicate easily with friends and family.

Whatsapp Life Time Free Renewal New Expiration Time

How to Check your Whatsapp Payment Info and knowing your Whatsapp expiry date or subscription period. You can go to Settings > Account > Payment Info.

From there all details regarding Whatsapp expiration will be available and the service expiration will be given as Lifetime. Everyone who got the OTA message “whatsapp expiration lifetime” is looking to know more information regarding what is happening.

For all of you the happy news is that there will be No Fees for using Whatsapp after 1 year of registration, as said earlier.

Whatsapp Document Sharing Support Android, iOs, Blackberry

The latest update in March 2016 was about Whatsapp Document Sharing which had become viral among everyone, because it was the most awaited one among the Whatsapp features.

Whatsapp keeps updating their platform with new features every now and then fearing competitors who may overcome them. It was just recently Whatsapp decided to add the Document / File Sharing Support to the Android, iOs operating systems. The Blackberry phones will also get Whatsapp document support , but they will have to wait for a few more months and is expected to come by 2016 last.

So at present Blackberry phone users will have to wait for more and have to admire the latest Whatsapp feature on Android and iOs apple, iphone mobiles.

So what is the specialty about Whatsapp Document Sharing, was it so important. Yes it is one of the best ones at present and useful for everyone , especially to businesmen, working sector who can now send the pdf documents much easier.

The File sharing in Whatsapp is for PDF files, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox .etc.

Whatsapp Share Document button new 2016

How to Update to Latest Version of Whatsapp

The Android users can easily go to the update option in their Whatsapp and it will take them to Playstore where they can use the update option to get to the new release version.

iOs users can also do similar update and it will take them to to iTunes or apple store where the Whatsapp can be changed to latest version.

Whatsapp Share Document button will get added as soon as you make the latest update and it will look like as follows in the screen shots from new whats app screens.

Whatsapp Document Sharing Support Android, iOs, Blackberry

You can easily go to this option in New Whatsapp by going to chat screen >> Attachment >> Document

In iOs phones the option is Share Document from Chat screen Menu.

There is also a preview option on attaching the PDF documents. Is there any specific size limit for sending PODF documents in the Whatsapp is now the most asked question. Big files may take longer times, so it usually works with small documents , just like small videos that could be send with Whatsapp.